Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Olivia's Nine Month Appointment

Olivia's nine month appointment was a little bit confusing. 

We had one scheduled.  Then popped in the day before she turned nine months old to have things checked out.  Little Miss wasn't sleeping.  Turns out it's just because she was busy popping her two front teeth in.  But since we were already there and she would be nine months old the next day our pediatrician told us that we could just consider it our nine month appointment since nothing really happened at the appointment anyways other than checking in.  Easy peasy. 

At just about nine months old, Olivia weighed in at eighteen point six pounds.  Putting her in the fifty-ninth percentile.  And was twenty-eight point two inches.  Putting her in the seventy-fifth percentile. 

Here's the thing.  She wasn't.  Since it wasn't officially a well child check they didn't strip her down and really weigh her so she was fully dressed and in a full diaper since she'd peed while we were in the waiting room and I planned on changing her when they stripped her down.  Add in all the wiggles when they were measuring her and it was a mess.

Then.  We went back.  When she was actually nine months old.  This time because poor girl had pink eye and and a double ear infection.

I had been a little bummed that we wouldn't know her "official" weight for nine months but this wasn't exactly what I had in mind for finding out! 

Anyways her nine month appointment put her weight at seventeen point eight pounds.  In the thirty-seventh percentile.  And her height at twenty-eight point eight inches.  In the seventy-ninth percentile.  My tall and skinny girl. 

Now to deal with these ear infections and pink eye. Apparently the two go hand in hand, who knew.

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