Monday, March 3, 2014

Olivia At Eight Months

Olivia Marie,

Eight months. Oh how time flies!

You're a big girl this month. Eighteen pounds six ounces! You jumped up to the forty-seventh percentile this month! Pretty sure the weight thing has to do with them not stripping you down to see how big you really are.  Hurray for jammies.  Ha!  You're also gotten longer. A full twenty eight and a quarter inches. The seventy-sixth percentile for height!

Teeth three and four both popped in this month! The better to bite with. Top teeth!  By the end of eight months, the very last day, you had your top two front teeth too!  Eight months was a big month for teeth.  Teeth three through six.  Not too shabby.

Livs you've started cruising the furniture.  You're fast too!  I can't believe how quick you can make it down the couch.  Then just a few days later you took your first step.  It's going to be a whole new world soon. 

You've tried your first french fry.  I almost don't know how you made it this long.  No surprise you liked it.   Partly because french fry yum.  But also because Olivia can't stand being fed anymore these days.  While you'll eat pureed pears, that's the extent of what you'll willingly let me feed you.  Hurray for french fries.  Only you can't live on those, so still we have a problem with making sure you're eating little miss.

You've learned to wave bye-bye.  I can't tell you how much cuter and more exciting it makes going places when you can wave!

I love you baby girl! 

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