Monday, March 31, 2014

Preston's Spring Kinder Conference

Springtime! Time for another one of Preston's kindergarten conferences.

Brad couldn't make it this go around since he'd just started a new job and all.

So it was just men and Olivia there, while Preston hung with Grandma.

Preston is doing awesome in kindergarten!

He is really learning so much!

Math is still his strongest subject. Which really isn't all that surprising for us since it's mine and Brad's best areas too. He's so clearly our son.

He's grown so much where reading and writing are concerned! He is choosing to write things and getting so much more confident!

Not only that, but Preston is getting more artsy! Mostly in drawing spiders. But he is drawing! And doing so willingly. Mrs Warren did say that sometimes he draws more when it's time to draw and then write about something. Smarty pants knows that if he spends more time drawing he spends less time writing. Dang kind. Being too smart for his own good.

The class is working hard on sight words and Preston is picking it up pretty well! He still struggles with a couple of them. But I'm impressed with how many of them he knows, by well, sight.

The classes has added in addition and subtraction. Preston gets it. To the point where on one of the pages Mrs Warren was showing me when he had an answer wrong she told me she knows he knows it so she's not worried at all that it was wrong on that specific page.

I love conferences and getting to hear how great Preston is doing in kindergarten! Makes his Mommy and Daddy proud!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Photos With My iPhone Week 42


Brad pulled out the wagon for Livs to take a ride in!
She kind of liked it!
Birthday party fun!
Livs wasn't so sure about the bouncers.
Making a friend!
Preston and the birthday boy! For all two seconds they stood still!
Getting ready to go down the big slide!


I love this little boy and his smile!
When I'm desperate for a minute to finish something I give Olivia the bucket of spoons.


Coloring at the Dr's office!  I love when he gets creative!


Preston builds and then asks me to take a picture!


My loves.  He was keeping her safe from the vacuum!
Preston built a fort...around trap her...err play with her.
Eventually she was over it.

Until next week!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Easter Photos

A friend of mine is so incredibly talented and took some beautiful Easter photos of Preston and Olivia!  I'll let the photos speak for themselves!

These two.  They make my heart whole.
I mean how cute can she be?  Olivia was so excited!
That little face!  She's been sticking her tongue out all the time!
So sweet and gentle!  <3
Preston loved the bunny so much!  Almost nearly as much as I love him!
My girl!!
Preston was determined to have Olivia take some photos with the baby chicks and eggs that weren't real!

I am so much more excited for Easter now!

The Fish Hatchery

It was a nice day and Olivia and I were hanging out with my Mom and Mason and trying to come up with something fun to do.  We almost stopped for ice cream.  But then decided on the fish hatchery!

Sheer brilliance!

Mason and Olivia loved it!

Mason really loved feeding the fish!  Who doesn't love feeding the fish.  They go crazy for the food.

Even Olivia was totally into the fish and watching them go crazy for the food!   I was not expecting that!

These two!  Olivia doesn't usually get Mason all to herself.  I did ask Mason to smile.  I got this instead.

Little Miss totally into the fish!

After feeding the bigger fish we walked around the hatchery and checked out all of the littler ones.  They aren't nearly as exciting.

Me and my best girl. 

Poor Preston missed out on all the fun since he was at school.  Looks like we'll have to plan another trip back!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Olivia's Nine Month Appointment

Olivia's nine month appointment was a little bit confusing. 

We had one scheduled.  Then popped in the day before she turned nine months old to have things checked out.  Little Miss wasn't sleeping.  Turns out it's just because she was busy popping her two front teeth in.  But since we were already there and she would be nine months old the next day our pediatrician told us that we could just consider it our nine month appointment since nothing really happened at the appointment anyways other than checking in.  Easy peasy. 

At just about nine months old, Olivia weighed in at eighteen point six pounds.  Putting her in the fifty-ninth percentile.  And was twenty-eight point two inches.  Putting her in the seventy-fifth percentile. 

Here's the thing.  She wasn't.  Since it wasn't officially a well child check they didn't strip her down and really weigh her so she was fully dressed and in a full diaper since she'd peed while we were in the waiting room and I planned on changing her when they stripped her down.  Add in all the wiggles when they were measuring her and it was a mess.

Then.  We went back.  When she was actually nine months old.  This time because poor girl had pink eye and and a double ear infection.

I had been a little bummed that we wouldn't know her "official" weight for nine months but this wasn't exactly what I had in mind for finding out! 

Anyways her nine month appointment put her weight at seventeen point eight pounds.  In the thirty-seventh percentile.  And her height at twenty-eight point eight inches.  In the seventy-ninth percentile.  My tall and skinny girl. 

Now to deal with these ear infections and pink eye. Apparently the two go hand in hand, who knew.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Photos With My iPhone Week 41


Some reading.
Trying on Mommy's sunglasses.
Isn't she cute!


This face!
Getting ready to escape.
She found the big boys!



Until next week!