Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving! One of my favorite holidays!

You guys it's a holiday of food. What's not to love?

We arrived and Jessie snagged Preston for a photo.

And Grandma Mona snagged Olivia for some snuggles!

The big kids all having fun in the play room!  I absolutely love this photo! 

I tried to get my big boy to take a photo with me.  This was the best of it. He was busy and had people to play with.  No time to take photos with his Mama!

Olivia eventually got exhausted and passed out.  So I handed her to Brad so that I can make myself a plate of appetizers!  Because food.  Also I will be soooo thankful when No Shave November is over.  Because that hair on his face.  No bueno.

The Williams Men watching the game!

Me and my love!

And all the facial hair.  I mean seriously.  You almost can't see him under there.

Livs loving on Auntie Jessie!  Even Colten was getting in on making faces to get Olivia to smile.  Marrissa not so much.

My husband.  Refusing to smile.  Because he thinks he's so funny.  And all that facial hair.  At least my baby looks adorable!

Olivia get some loves from Aunt Kristin!

Mama's turn!

I swear Preston was there too.  He just was busy.  Playing.  Not taking photos.  Apparently that's what happens when kids get older.  They decide playing is so much more fun than taking photos!  What is that.

Livs was not the only one who napped at Thanksgiving.  Colten got tired too.  All that food.

I may have forced everyone who couldn't sneak past me to stop and take a photo together before they left. 

Preston was willing to take a photo with Alyse!  Because he seriously just loves her so much! 

Mason wasn't so much feeling the whole photo thing!  Ha!

Us "kids" taking some photos.

We are so awesome.  Also notice that in the last one Marrissa and I are posing the exact same way.  Just by chance.  She's possibly the younger version of me. 

We even took one with a spot for Shannon! 

These two!  My heart!

The boys with Uncle Matt! 

My Grandpa doing some wrestling with Preston!

My family!  Loves!

We had a fabulous holiday! One that I even got to finish with some Black Friday shopping! It was a great day!

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