Saturday, February 8, 2014

Photos With My iPhone Week 35

I took a lot of photos this week!


Preston had a Dr appt.  When did he get to be this big?! 
The play room.  Both kids playing.  Together.  Swoon!


My cousin Haylie sent this out on Twitter.  Couldn't agree more!  Also heart melted!
Helping herself to her toy basket in the living room!


Olivia likes it when boxes of clothes arrive too!!


Help yourself.
Happy girl!
Kisses for Daddy!


That would be the plan.  Glad Facebook and it's quizzes agree!  Ha!
Preston's toys are way better!
He loves her!
And she loves him!
Best of cousins!
So tired.  And entertaining herself on Daddy's phone while we finish eating.
He's been asking and asking and asking to have them take a bath together.  I finally said yes.  Pretty sure they don't have very long before they can't do this anymore! 

 Until next week!

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