Monday, February 3, 2014

Olivia At Seven Months

Olivia Marie,

Seven months was a big month for you.

Where to even begin.

You learned to crawl!  You had been working on it and finally got it all figured out.  At exactly seven months.  You didn't go far.  Just forward two moves. But you did it.  And days later you were practically a pro!  That's my girl!

Almost as important if not more, you said Mama!  Melt my heart!  And before you said Dada.  Best baby girl ever.  I knew that I was your favorite.  This just confirms it!

You've started pulling yourself up to stand!  Slow down baby girl.  You're still a baby.  Even if you're determined not to be.

You give kisses.  The biggest most slobber filled kisses.  More like you're trying to suck my face off.  It's absolutely adorable.

I told you this month was busy!  That's not even where it ends.

You started clapping.  The first step to you becoming a cheerleader!  What!   You can roll from your back to your front.  Both you and your brother took your time with this one so I didn't even stress that you weren't interested in doing it until now.  We're working our way into new foods again.  Oatmeal.  Apples.  Green Beans.  It's exciting.  You've also had your first mobile baby injury.  You face planted into your dresser when you were standing holding onto your drawer.  Good news you now know how to open drawers.

You're a Daddy's girl through and through.  It's a bit ridiculous how excited you get when you see your Daddy!  I know.  I know.  I just finished saying that you're my girl.  But the truth is you work us both over.

Olivia you are so smart.  You know how to go after what you want and how to get it.  It blows us away watching you think.

You're still cautious.  Needing more time to warm up to new places and new people.  Not going to lie it's kind of nice that you hover close and snuggle in until you're comfortable!  I'll take it!

Much like your brother you are also still in our bed.  I'm sure you'll be there for a while too.  What can I say we like having you close.  Plus you don't sleep so great, also like your brother, so it's nice that when you wake up in the middle of the night a few million times to nurse you're right there instead of down the hall.

You weighed in this month at sixteen pounds five ounces this month!  Thirty-fifth percentile.  Still our peanut.

Photos this month were a little harder.  You just didn't want to sit still.  All over the place.  Making it hard for me to hold my camera and you at the same time.  I told you you're just so busy!  Even when you're sitting!

I love you baby girl!

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