Sunday, December 22, 2013

Giving Spirit

Our family was so incredibly blessed this year. So incredibly blessed in so many way.

While Brad and I are fully aware of that and made sure we gave back and donated to those in need, I wanted Preston to be just as aware. I wanted him to know that not everyone had such a great year. That so many families weren't as fortunate. That we could help. That he had the ability to help make their Christmas special.

We talked a lot about that.  But really actions speak louder than words.

So we bought toys.  Toys for kids that we didn't know.  And then we donated them.

I am so proud of Preston that as he unloaded all of those toys into the box he didn't cry or complain about wanting to keep these things.  That instead he talked about the little boys and girls who would open them on Christmas and how excited they would be.

Then on our way out we donated a little more.  Preston had been asking to put money into the little buckets and I never had cash.  I made sure I did this time so that he could drop it in!

I hope that he remembers these moments and how good it feels to give bckmas he gets older!

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