Friday, December 20, 2013

Matt And Shannon Turn Twenty One

Somehow my little brother and sister are twenty one. Being that they were just these little kids terrorizing the rest of us, it's kind of crazy.  Particularly my brother.  He was a boy ALL the way.  A holy terror of a boy. 

And now they are grown ups.  Grown ups who can drink.

We celebrated by going to dinner at Outback.

And taking pictures in the bathroom because all the cool kids were doing it.

Brad was being an awesome Daddy while I finished eating.  Balancing both of our littles.

Until Preston moved on and Olivia stole his phone.  That girl is going to be a problem when she gets older.

We had a little mini photo shoot outside before heading for our cars.

And Preston attacked us with snow.  Notice that my brother moved his sisters in front of him to save himself from getting hit.  Such a gentleman that one.

After dinner and a photoshoot we went and hung out back at my parents house so that Preston could play and I could hang out with the big twenty one years old before they headed out for the night and I dragged my now clearly old self home.  Side note, nothing makes me feel older than watching those younger than me get older.  Those jerks.

Since I'm not old enough to check into a retirement home just yet I took a couple of jello shots to celebrate with Shannon.

Shannon who thought you wasn't sure how you were supposed to take jello shots and grabbed one of the baby spoons I'd left over out of the drawer.

The jello shots were strong.  Very strong.  Me and Nevan weren't so sure about it.

Jessie showed up to drop Mase off and grab some snuggles with Olivia before she headed out with the twins for their twenty one run.

I did my second jello shot with Shannon.  This was our thoughts.  You guys the jello shots had a lot of vodka in them.  I'm not sure why Shannon wasn't all over this.  But in case you've forgotten I'm old so it was a lot for me! 

While Mommy was partying in the kitchen (getting crazy with those two jello shots), Olivia was hanging out in the living room with Daddy.  And Bennie.  Who loves her.  The feeling is mutual.

The night ended with the young people heading out for more drinks and us old people climbing in to bed exhausted.

For the record I really am not that old.  Not even close.  But I was exhausted.

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