Friday, January 31, 2014

Me And Olivia

Loves with my littlest love!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Preston has been wanting to build a snowman since it snowed.

Originally I told him that if there was still snow we'd build one this weekend.

We came home from school and Preston asked if he could go out and shovel (sweet boy!) and I realized Olivia was sleeping so I put on my snow clothes and headed out to join him!

We built not just one but two snowmen!

Those suckers are harder than I remember them being!

It was totally worth playing out in the snow when I hate playing out in the snow to see how excited Preston was about our snowmen!  And to hear his yell of joy when he managed to get the top snowball up on his snowman all by himself!

An hour well spent with my big boy!

Thoughts On Thursday

Preston finally seems to have gotten over the sickness.  The big sickness.

I took Olivia in for her second dose of the flu shot and while we were there the nurse heard his cough and said we should see our pediatrician.  Our doctor's office being awesome they squeezed him in a half hour later.  Our pediatrician came in and listened to his chest and told me he had walking pneumonia.

WHAT!  I wasn't even going to bring him in because he'd only had the cough for a few days and I thought it was getting better.  Cue me feeling like the worse Mom ever.

The doctor did make me feel a little better when he told me he was the healthiest sick kid ever.  He literally would not sit still.  Our ped even apologized to me when he said that I should keep Preston home for a couple of days to let him get better because he was bouncing off the walls.

Five days later we were back.

Preston had finished his antibiotic and his cough didn't sound any better.

They did an x-ray of his chest and checked him for a sinus infection.  Good news his chest looked good.  Bad news he had a sinus infection.  So we went home with a new prescription.

I am so happy he's healthy again!


Olivia has been a busy girl since she learned how to crawl.  

Unfortunately some of that busy means she's getting all sorts of beat up.

She came face to face with her dresser giving her a nice little bruise on the side of her face.  Then she did this roll thing in the kitchen and landed on the wood floors and ended up with a bruise on her forehead.  Funny enough in the exact same spot I have photos of Preston having a bruise at about the same age as she is now.  Then this morning she was heading towards the dining room and of course as soon as she hits the wood floor she misses a beat and lands cheek first on the floor.

Poor girl.  Not that she's letting it slow her down.


We have a temporary gate up blocking Olivia from leaving the living room and holy does she hate it.  But she never hates it more than when Preston is on the other side.  She will crawl over and stand up at the gate and scream.  She loves her big brother!


I need a vacation.  Like yesterday.  That would be nice.  Somewhere with no snow.  Preferably.  Now who would like to fund that vacation? 


I've been trying to get Preston to keep his bedroom and the play room clean.  It's been fun.  He is getting better at it though.  It helps that I refuse to let him bring any toys out of either of those rooms unless those rooms are clean.  So he can't destroy the rooms and then decide to move the game out into the living room. 


Preston was singing one of the songs from Frozen yesterday and dancing around the living room while he sang it.  I almost died.  It was that cute. 


I'm trying to be healthier.  I both hate it and love it.  I just want to eat all of the foods.  All of the time.  Why is that too much to ask? 


Super Bowl is this weekend!  I am so excited.  Super Bowl is one of my favorite holidays in my family!  All of the food.  And the fun.  My whole family gets together for a party.  It is awesome! 


I have this urge to re-do and finish up all of the parts of our house.  It's both awesome and terrible.  Awesome because things are going to look great around here.  Terrible because why am I not rich?  Who do I talk to about that?  So I'm trying to focus on one room or two at a time.  Or a little here and there instead of all at once.  We'll see how it goes. 

Olivia's Seven Month Photos

My friend Amber of Amber Johnson Photography took Olivia's seven month photos! The ones with the little pearls and the petticoat kill me!  And the ruffle butt ones!  Omgoodness!  Pretty much all of them! I just love this little girl! 

My girl!
Blankie got in on the action!  It only seemed fitting that blankie get in on the photos since Liv carries around everywhere.
Gangsta Baby!
Giving her mama some smiles!  And yells!
Our sweet girl!
My favorite!
One of my favorites!

How is this sweet girl already seven months old!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Photos With My iPhone Week 33

Let's get started shall we?


Trying some snacks she can feed herself.
Not sure she was all that impressed!


Proud big brother!
Little Miss I can do it, pulled herself up to standing all by herself!!!


Ummm excuse me.  No.
Volunteering at big brother's school is exhausting!
My big boy!!


First I can pull my self up injury.  She fell face first into her dresser drawer knob.  :(


She beats him up.  He loves her anyways.  Best big brother ever!
My little loves!
And so it begins.
Bedtime for the littlest one!  She really wants some hair of her own. For now she'll settle for mine.

Until next week!