Monday, December 23, 2013

Pass The Baby

We played a little game of pass the baby with Olivia.  Or rather pass the baby and take pictures with her! 

I mean seriously how cute is this photo of Olivia and Auntie Rissa?  Like my favorite of them ever.  

Big smiles! 

Livs is starting to like Auntie Rissa!  It's a big change from crying every time she saw her!  I think Auntie Rissa likes the smiles a lot more! 

And back to Mommy! 

I mean really how do you say no to this face?  Or not want to snuggle her?

Even Uncle Nevan got in on the loves. 

Until Livs was over the whole thing. 

Someone needed a nap.  Like now. 

But she's still so cute.  Even tired! 

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