Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Olivia At Five Months

Olivia Marie, 

Five months.

I don't have a weight or a height for you.  Mommy fail.  But you grew I promise!

We all celebrated your first holiday.  Thanksgiving!  You were so dang cute in your little outfit.  Can I just tell you how much crazy fun I am having dressing you up.  It is such a blast!

Best thing you did all month?  You figured out how to reach.  So when you want me or Daddy you know that you can reach your arms out for us.  Melts our hearts.  Also makes me even more aware how much trouble we're in when you get bigger and want something when you just reaching your arms out for us is the best thing ever and makes us want to give you everything.

Daddy pulled Preston's jumperoo out and put it together so that you could check it out since you like bouncing so much.  You seemed to enjoy it.  But I think you're still just a little bit little for it.

You are such a happy little girl.  You love Mommy and Daddy so very much.  But Preston.  Oh my goodness Olivia do you love your big brother.  It is the best thing ever to watch the two of you.

You're starting to get more into your toys.  Your favorites currently being your little crinkle book, Lily Pie The Butterfly, the twisty rattle, and the leaf teether.  That leaf teether is probably your very favorite.

Livs you have the sweetest little giggle.  We all love listening to it.  Daddy can get you when he scratches you with his whiskers.  Mommy give you kisses on your neck to earn it.  Even Preston loves listening to you laugh!

Big event of the month was that you got to try some rice cereal for the first time.  You did so much better than I thought you would.  You've been watching all of us eat and your little mouth goes crazy and you reach for our plates but still I was surprised at how well you did!  You actually seemed to like it!  Meals are about to get a lot more fun around here!

Some other big moments from the month are that you are really noticing new people.  You're such a people watcher!  Grandma babysat you for the first time while I volunteered in Preston's class.  You did great for the first half and then not so hot for the second half.  Definitely Mama's little girl!  We gave you your first cup and you seemed to think it was fun being in control of something.  Not as much drinking happened as chewing but hey whatever works.  You're getting really good at sitting on your own and doing better and better every single day!   And you still love your Grandpa.  You get so excited when you see him!

I love you baby girl!

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