Thursday, December 12, 2013

All Day Field Trip

Preston's class set up an all day field trip for the kids. Olivia and I tagged along.

The kids had a busy day planned.

They started at a physical therapy office where they got to get all their wiggles out! 

Preston had an absolute blast!

The class did lunges and fun walking.

Olivia liked the paper and turf.  She wants to play too!

Then they split into groups to do more exercises. 

Like jumping.

Ladder climbing and jumping. 

The kids all got to climb back on the bus when we were done burning some energy.

To head downtown. 

We started in the library!  We got a tour in the front and back of the church.  It was kind of cool seeing the back of a big library!

I think Preston might have been the most excited about being able to see the waterfall since we were up so high!

From there we headed into the mall to have lunch.

Where my Mom met up with us.  She was going to take Olivia shopping and walking around the mall while I headed out with Preston and Drew for the scavenger hunt part of the field trip. 

I am so thankful that my Mom was willing to meet me downtown to hang out with Olivia so that I could have fun with Preston on his field trip!

Our scavenger hunt involved trying to find the tallest building, the shortest building, see Santa, mail the letters that they wrote to him in class, feed the goat, see the big red wagon.

We had a lot of fun!

The boys were so full of energy.  SO FULL of energy! 

We had a great time!  

I'm so glad that I get to be a part of these moments and memories with Preston!

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