Monday, November 25, 2013

Preston's Fall Conference

We're real elementary school parents now. Preston had his very first conference!

We'd scheduled it so that Brad could come too. Hurray!

Preston did awesome!

He's where he needs to be with writing and letter sounds.  She told us she knows that writing and reading (or his lack of being a pro) is really frustrating for him.  But that it's a work in progress.  Preston just struggles with it not being easy.  He wants it to come easy and to be the very best at it.

He is exceeding the expectation in math though!  Mrs Warren was impressed with how well he does with numbers.  That's our boy!  She was showing us some tests that they did with the kids and how for one of Preston's where they wanted him to say that two numbers were equal to one another he instead added them together!  Smarty pants!

We need to work with him on how he holds his pencil.  I hold mine wrong and he holds his wrong so she had to show me a few times how he should be holding it so that I can make sure I'm not teaching him to do it wrong just in another way.

She also told us that he doesn't love to color.  Not new news.  If she asks him to use four colors he will use exactly four colors  Not so into the arts and crafts. this boy of ours.  Can't imagine where he gets that.  Oh wait!

We also got a chance to really sit down and chat with his teacher about some concerns that we had about him and another little boy in the class.  Nothing super crazy serious.  Just that we felt Preston might have been being held back or distracted as a result of the friendship and how we should progress.  She told us that she noticed and was addressing it in class as well.  And that she was going to bring it up with us.  Such a relief!  Both to know that she noticed and has a plan and that she didn't think we were crazy parents for bringing it up.

So far Preston is rocking kindergarten!  We couldn't have left his conference
more proud of him!  

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