Sunday, November 3, 2013

Olivia At Four Months

Olivia Marie, 

At four months!  My big girl!

Where to begin.

You can sit!  All by yourself!  You last about thirty seconds but you've got to start somewhere!  Because you are determined to be a big girl.  What is that.  You are a baby.

As if that wasn't enough you also went and got your first two teeth.  Your bottom two teeth.  They are so cute.  And sharp!

You found your little feets.  And think they are the best new toy.  You're constantly grabbing them.  Or watching your hands while you wave them around.

You stayed home with Daddy for the first time all on your own.  The first two times I don't even think you noticed, since you were sleeping once and I was gone for all of ten minutes picking up a pizza the other.  But then Daddy took the day off to stay home with you while I helped out in Preston's class.  You guys did awesome together!

Staying home with Daddy all by yourself meant you also had your first bottle.  Which you shocked me by taking like a champ.  We were even both surprised by how much you were willing to eat.  Nursing means I don't get to actually see by the ounce what you eat.  But you drank every single ounce I had pumped for Daddy that day.  All six of them.  We couldn't believe it!

You've started wearing size two diapers.  At your four month appointment you weighed thirteen pounds nine ounces.  Which puts you in the forty-fifth percentile.  Big jump!  You measured twenty-five and three fourths inches.  Putting you in the ninety-second percentile!  So tall!

We celebrated your first Halloween.  You were the cutest dang Batgirl ever.  Mommy is pretty lucky to have had two little Bat superheroes because you and your brother totally matched.  

We took you away for a weekend just the three of us.  You were so dang easy to travel with. You just rolled with everything we had going on.  Slept wherever.  Or didn't.  But even when you weren't sleeping because so much to see, you were still such a happy baby!  And you made everyone else happy. 

I love you baby girl!

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