Saturday, November 23, 2013

Celebrating Brad's Thirtieth Birthday

We wanted to do something fun for Brad's birthday and since the actual day fell on a weeknight we decided to make the weekend before his birthday his birthday fun weekend! Jen and Mads headed into town. We asked Preston what he wanted to do and he was very insistent that we go bowling.

So we went bowling! 

Brad and our littles!  I just love these three!

Preston looks so big here!  How did that happen?!!!

Taking care of business.

Preston was helping show Madison how to bowl.  It was so cute!

He did it!!

Loves with Aunt Jen!

This boy!

My boys!

Me and my big boy!

This is how Olivia spent most of the time we were bowling.  She was so tired!

I swear we really did do more than just take photos.  There was bowling.  Two games in fact!

Our family!

After bowling we headed to dinner.  Well actually we headed to Hobby Lobby first.  But then we headed to dinner.  We met my parents, Matt, Kaylee, Marrissa, and Kasey.  For steak!  Yum!

Olivia took a minute to visit Uncle Matt.

But only a minute before she was like get me out of here.

The best picture I got of Brad when they brought out his desert and sang to him!

We even had some excitement at dinner.  Jen offered Preston twenty dollars to eat a piece of her crab.  A teeny tiny not even big piece. Like the size of one of Olivia's fingers big.  Then to sweeten the deal I told him if he did it he could earn back a bag of his toys that he'd had taken away for some not so stellar behavior.  Even then we didn't think he'd do it.  I was shocked when he said okay.  It was quite the process and we were all cheering him.  Preston's gag reflex is like no other.  So with every teeny itty bitty bite he'd gag a little and then get it down.  All the way until the last bite.  The last bite his gag turned into him throwing it all back up.  Thank goodness Brad was quick, he caught it all in his napkin before I even fully realized what was happening!  Poor Brad, birthday dinner that included catching your son's crab filled vomit.  The story did have a happy ending for Preston, he still earned his twenty dollars and a bag of toys back. Plus he made us all laugh when he pointed out to us that we just said he had to eat it no one said he had to keep it down!  Ha!  Poor kid! 

At least dealing with someone throwing up while celebrating his birthday had to make Brad feel like he was young again!  HA!

Happy Birthday to my husband!  Well almost!  I'm so glad we got to take a day out of the chaos of life to have some fun celebrating him! 

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