Thursday, October 10, 2013

Preston's First Kinder Field Trip

Preston's class went on their first field trip!  They headed up to Greenbluff to learn about the apples and pick some pumpkins!

Olivia and I tagged along.  Because fun!  Also no way no way was I sending Preston off on a field trip without me!

We didn't get to ride the bus though.  I was so sad to miss Preston's first time on a school bus.  Boo!  But I got over it fast when we got up there.

The kids jumped off the bus full of energy!  And so excited to see everything!  Especially the teepee! 

We started off with a hay ride to explore the farm.  The kids all had scavenger hunt sheets full of things they needed to find while we were there and the hay ride helped us find a bunch of them!

After the hay ride the class got to head into the orchards!  To learn about the apples and the bees from one of the farmers!   

And pick their very own apple!

Preston of course picked a green one.  And refused to eat it.  No surprise there. 

Next up they all headed into the hay maze!  Which was a huge highlight!  They all raced through it as fast as can be!

Mrs. Warren's afternoon kindergarten class!

My favorite little kindergartner!

Preston and his teacher!

Picking out his pumpkin!

Meeting Penelope the Pumpkin!  She talked and everything.  The kids kept trying to figure out where it came from!

Preston and Ben, my little charges for the day!

Preston even tried the pumpkin donuts and apple cider snack!

Me and my two favorite littles!

Hopping back on the bus for his ride back to school!

We had so much fun! I am so glad that I get to be a part of these experiences with Preston!

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