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Olivia's Birth Story

With Olivia being four months old it's probably time to actually tell her birth story!

Where to even begin.

At the very beginning I guess.

Let's start Monday. The day before Olivia was born. The day of my last doctor's appointment.

I went in for my thirty-nine week appointment. My doctor had been called out for an emergency c-section, so for the first time in my pregnancy I saw another doctor in the practice.

I informed them that I did not want my membranes stripped. Because this baby wasn't coming out yet. She was going to make it to her due date. Longer even. Thank you very much.

The doctor went ahead and checked me to see my progress. One point five centimeters. Fifty percent effaced. Same as the last time I was checked.

Then we started talking about a plan. I was induced with Preston and was determined to go late and be induced with Olivia too. Something that my doctor, the doctor I was seeing that day, and nurse all got a kick out of. My nurse started looking at my doctor's on call nights to start trying to schedule a day for me to be induced. Especially when I mentioned that the fact that Brad was working out of town was part of why I was hoping to be induced versus just going into labor because then we could plan for him to be home for sure.

It was decided that I would schedule for Friday and my nurse, Jody, would call me that night to talk about induction dates.

Jody called that night and let me know that they wanted to schedule me for Tuesday the following week. Which didn't work for me. I was really hoping to schedule for a Friday or the weekend since it worked out better with Brad's schedule. So I opted not to schedule my induction for that day because Tuesday just wasn't a good day for Olivia to arrive. We agreed that we'd talk about the whole thing more at my appointment on Friday.

Then I went about the rest of my night. I put Preston to bed and sat down to watch TV and realized that I hadn't had dinner. Which was practically unheard of. I like to eat, how could it be that I forgot to eat. Even more weird I wasn't even hungry. But I made myself get up and get something.

Around midnight I started to feel mildly uncomfortable. It was odd, but I figured I was finally feeling those braxton hicks that everyone talks about. They weren't painful but my body just felt a little tired. We had done some yard work over the weekend so I figured that had brought them on.

I took a bath and headed to bed.

I remember waking up around two in the morning and taking another bath. Just because I was uncomfortable. Then went back to bed.

At five am I started waking up at fifteen minutes after the hour and forty-five minutes after the hour. So every half hour I would wake up. Have a contraction. Want to die. I would either sit on the side of the bed or run to the bathroom. For some reason squatting helped. Probably because it wasn't my belly that woke me up so much as it was my back. Oh my back.

I went into back labor with Preston and it was HORRIBLE. Just awful.  Like get up on all fours and don't even care that you are wearing an open back gown because if it will help the pain who cares about the other people in the room kind of horrible.

I finally just got up for the day around eight.  Sleep wasn't all that awesome anymore so I just gave up on it.  I started googling from my phone, "what do contractions feel like".

I'd heard that you just know when you are in labor.  It's a lie.  You don't.  Even when it's not your first baby.  Especially when you were induced with your first baby and didn't feel a thing until you were checked in at the hospital and your water had been broken and there was no question of whether or not you were in labor.

I had downloaded a contraction app at some point in the middle of the night and decided to start trying to use it.  The only problem was that I seriously wasn't sure if I was having contractions or not.  And when they started.  Or ended.  I was unsure of the whole thing.  So I would hit start and then I would hit end and then I would delete the whole thing because that couldn't have been a contraction.  Or I thought it ended sooner or later and my OCD wouldn't let me leave it the way it was without fixing it.  I know.

It also didn't help that google had told me that a contraction would make your stomach hard as a rock.  And it would slowly move from top to bottom.

Google lied.

My stomach NEVER got hard as a rock.  It was always just a little soft.  And all of the pain was focused in my back.  Not my belly.

So I was still not convinced that I was actually in labor just yet.

Something was happening.  But if I took a bath it got better.  If I took a shower it was better.  So clearly I was not in labor.  BECAUSE GOOGLE TOLD ME SO.

I also kept thinking about Father of the Bride Part Two.  You know the one where the daughter is pregnant.  And thinks she's in labor like four times before she actually is.  Where they do the mad rush to the hospital only to return home because just kidding.  I was not going to let that happen to me.  Especially when the plan was that I would call Brad and he would book a flight home from Seattle and then hop in the truck and head from Bellingham to Seattle to catch said flight home.  You know what's non-refundable?  Air fare.  Especially air fare purchased only a couple of hours before the flight.  Or even worse what if he actually got on the plane before I realized I wasn't in labor?  Then he'd be home and we'd have to fly him back to work!  And we'd be poor.  Well not really but you get the point.  I was not starting that chain of events unless I was actually in labor.


My Mom called me around 8:30am.  I was in the shower so I didn't answer.  Plus I didn't really feel like talking because I was getting this whole situation under control. 

I was still in the bath when I called her back.  And hour later at 9:38am.  To ask her to come over.  She asked me what was going on and I told her I MIGHT be in labor.  So of course she asked how close my contractions were.  Which was the question I'd been asking myself practically all morning.  That and if they were even contractions.  I told her maybe ten minutes, if they were even contractions and she told me to call my doctor's office and see if they wanted me to head there or straight to the hospital.  And that she would get dressed and head my way.

I called my doctor's office and the nurse called me back a minute or two later.  She asked me that dang contraction question again and I told her I wasn't sure but maybe every ten minutes.  And it was decided that I would head to the hospital.

My Mom called me back to see what my doctor's office had said and asked me again about the contractions and I lost it.  I told her I was so freaking sick of people asking me about my contractions and that I didn't know and couldn't everyone just leave me alone.

My poor Mom was probably convinced of two things at that point. One that I was in labor.  And two that I was going to be just as fun as I was when I was in labor with Preston.  I'm told that I was not the best company when I had Preston.  In my defense EVERYONE kept eating in front of me when I was in labor with Preston and I was not allowed to eat.  I wanted to eat too so it left me a little cranky.

While waiting for my Mom to get to our house, Preston woke up.  Poor kid.  I was useless.  I couldn't even get up long enough to get him breakfast.  And yet still convinced I wasn't actually in labor. 

My Mom got to our house around 10am.  By that point I couldn't even walk.  And still I wasn't convinced I was in labor.

I know.  Crazy party of one.

My Mom got Preston dressed while I attempted to get out of the bath and the bathroom.  My back just hurt so bad.  And I'd made the mistake of washing my hair while I was in the shower.  Which meant I needed to do something with it.  I was not going to the hospital a giant ball of frizz.  I mind over mattered standing in the bathroom and not dying while I put some product in it.

By this time my Mom had gotten Preston dressed I still hadn't left the bathroom.

I finally left the bathroom after some encouragement and headed downstairs to get dressed while she grabbed my purse and cell phone charger and the iPad for Preston.

Then she took Preston out to the car.  It dawned on me at that point that I hadn't brushed my teeth and there was just no way that was happening.  So I half walked half crawled into the kitchen to get a pack of gum.  My poor Mom had walked out of the house to me on the floor in the living room on all fours and back into the house with me half laying on the floor half on all fours in the kitchen.

Prompting her to ask if she should call an ambulance because "you are in labor Kim!"  I refused.  I wasn't in labor my back just hurt that was all!

So she asked me if she could check me.  CHECK ME.  Who the heck even says that.  She got a BIG N-O from me on that one.

And we headed out to the car.

Luckily on the way out to the car I was smart enough to grab my camera bag (you know just in case, not that I was going to need it!) and my make up bag.

At the car we had to stop so I could breathe through a contraction before getting in.  And then again once we got out of the driveway because OMG my back hurt and I needed to stand right now!

Plus my Mom needed to ask me again if she could check me.

No means NO lady!

We got back in the car and I finally called Brad to warn him that I might be in labor.  Only he didn't answer because he was in a meeting.  Every Tuesday he had a meeting with all of the other trades on the job.  So I sent him a text.

He jumped on the you're in labor boat with my Mom.  While I was still clearly unconvinced. 

The ride to the hospital was exciting to say the least.  My Mom was a basket case and I was pretty sure I might have been dying.  In between feeling mortified.  She kept turning the hazards on.  And then I would turn them off.  She was weaving in and out of traffic and different lanes.  I kid you not.  She was a crazy person.  Determined not to let me have my baby in the car.  Which I had assured her was not going to happen.

Because until a doctor told me so I was not in labor.

Although really I should have known.  I had gone from I love being pregnant to I hate being pregnant in just a few hours.

We got to the hospital and my Mom pulled up to the ER and ran up.  Yes, ran.  She grabbed a nurse who grabbed a wheelchair who then came out and grabbed me.  If I had actually been able to walk I would have been even more embarrassed at the whole thing. 

Instead I just grabbed onto the bars and squeezed with every contraction while the nurse tried her best to distract me and talk me through them.

She also informed me that, "You're going to have a baby soon!"  To which I replied, "I'm going to have an epidural sooner!"

When we hit the maternity floor and she was letting them know I was there she also went ahead and let them know I had already requested my epidural.

It was 10:30am.

I got moved into my room and met Deanna.  My first nurse.  She was actually the nurse leader on the floor so she would only stay with me until they assigned a nurse to me.

Once I was in my room Deanna checked me to see how far dilated I was.  She also confirmed what everyone else knew.  I was in labor.  And dilated to a seven.  I actually had her repeat it because I was so shocked.  A seven.  Well then. 

I now believed I was in labor.  And desperately wanted my epidural.

She also asked me how far apart my contractions were.  That dang question.  I told her that I'd downloaded an app for keeping track of them but that it was too much work to hit the button to keep track.  At which point she started laughing and told me that if it's too much work to hit the button to keep track of contractions it probably means you're in labor.  Lesson learned!

I got settled in and my Mom and Preston made their way to my room after parking the car.  I called Brad to see what was going on with him.  And then called Kelly.  Kelly was our person.  She was either going to pick up Preston or come take photos depending on when I went into labor. We were trying to make a plan when contractions took over and I just gave up on doing anything but breathing and begging for my epidural.

By this point poor Preston was still just hanging out with us.  He was handling everything like a champ.  Until the nurse came in to put in my IV.  He got close to watch and was all sorts of intrigued.  Until it started bleeding.  Then he got a little freaked out and nervous.  I felt so bad!  Add in that I also kept saying I didn't want to do this anymore and the poor kid was a little thrown.

Preston ended up being the deciding factor on what our plan was when he decided he wanted to go to work with Grandpa.  His nerves made him want to stay with family.  And even when we told him he could go play with his best friend he still said he wanted to go with Grandpa.

While all of this was being figured out, I was getting my epidural at around 11:15am.  Mike, my fabulous anesthesiologist, had finally made his way to my room.   I couldn't have  been more excited.  Or nervous.  I laughed through my epidural with Preston.  Even as the blood ran down my back.  It tickled.  By that point with Preston, I'd already been drugged to help with the back labor.  This go around I didn't have my husband and I was having contractions like a crazy person and knew I'd have to sit still.  It was a great time.  Especially when I told the nurse I was having a contraction, I felt like I had to pee, and finally I felt like I had to poop.  Good times.  For the record the only thing that happened was a contraction.

My Dad arrived while I was getting my epidural.  And once it was in him, my Mom, and Preston all came back into the room.  I called Kelly and told her that she didn't need to come get Preston.   

It worked out for the better that Preston had decided to go with my Dad because it meant that Kelly could come and take photos.  Photos that were becoming more and more important as we realized how fast things were happening and how far away my husband was.

At this point I met my next nurse.  Brenda.  Who funny enough was also my sister's nurse when she had Mason!  She was practically family at this point.

Brenda kicked everyone out and checked me around 11:40am.  I was at nine.  A NINE!  In less than an hour.

Everyone came back in and Brenda assured me that my water hadn't broken and we could attempt to wait for Brad to arrive still.  He had booked a 1pm flight and would arrive home at 2pm and get to the hospital at 2:30pm.  I just had to hold out another three hours.  I could do three hours.


At 11:56 my water broke.

I was in the process of telling Brenda that it was fine.  My water was broken for hours with Preston.  It could do the same with Olivia.  All was fine.

Until Brenda told me we weren't going to make it a couple of hours.  I believe her words went a little something like this, "You're at a ten.  I can see your baby's head.  And she has hair."

Things had gotten serious.  Really serious.

I called Kelly to tell her to come.  My Dad left with Preston.  My Mom got all sorts of excited.  I called Brad to update him and see where he was.  Which was not even close.  And then I updated Facebook.

My epidural had started to work so while we waited I put on make up and fixed my hair.  I was having a baby and I wanted to not look like complete death in my photos!  Since there were definitely going to be photos.

My doctor came in to check on me.  He also thought we were going to start having a baby.  Only while he was moving aside my mascara to sit down and chat with me I asked him to please wait!   Wait until Kelly arrived so that I had someone to take photos since Brad was obviously not going to be there.  He agreed and said we could wait.  But not long.  Poor guy had rushed out of a c-section to come deliver my baby only to be asked to wait!

Around 12:18pm Kelly arrived.

I handed; directed Kelly to my camera and she started taking photos.

Dr Fine came back in and we got ready to get the show on the road!   Olivia was coming!

I texted Brad that I was about to start pushing.  Things were all just happening so fast.

At 12:27pm I started pushing. 

With every single push as she got closer and closer people would tell me they could see HER and I would ask so she is a girl!?!!  I was just so nervous that after all of the prepping we had done for a girl we were going to get thrown a curve ball.  

At 12:35pm Olivia Marie was born.  Our perfect little girl.

My Mom cut her cord and then she settled in on my chest for some skin to skin! 

I LOVE my doctor.  He's delivered both of our babies and he is just amazing and I have fully enjoyed having him in our corner with each of my pregnancies and deliveries. 

Olivia hung out my chest getting accustomed to her new world while everything just happened around us. 

Eventually it was time to get her stats.  So Brenda pulled her out of my arms to see just how big our girl was.

A little peanut.  Six pounds nine ounces.  Twenty inches.  With an apgar score of nine and nine.  Absolute perfection.

Even better once I got her back in my arms.

My Mom sent out photos and updated everyone.

I finally got a chance to call Brad.  He knew she had arrived and had pictures but I hadn't gotten the chance to call him.  Olivia made her arrival just as he was arriving at the airport.  Then in a stroke of bad luck, the airline decided not to let him on the flight because he'd arrived so close to departure time and instead bumped him to the 1:30pm flight a half hour later.  Come on.  So instead I told him about how perfect our daughter was and told him to hurry up! 

Because she was perfect! 

We nursed.  As tiny as my girl was, she was more than willing to eat! 

And we snuggled.

My Mom admired.

Let's be honest, we all admired.

I checked in with Facebook and felt so incredibly blessed by all of the amazing people we have in our lives!

Livi sucked her thumb.  Because cutest thing ever.

We really just couldn't get enough of her.

Sweet baby.

My Mom got a turn to snuggle her while the nurse got me up to stretch and get a little cleaned up.  She might have been a little excited to get her hands on her newest grand baby.

Then Livs came back to snuggle me.

Our room information.

Olivia was getting a little chilled so we got her dressed in a onesie.  The problem with rushing out of your house convinced that you aren't in labor is that you don't actually have a hospital bag packed.  Ooops. 

How many women who have babies does it take to dress one small little girl?

Once she was dressed, Livi got wrapped back up all warm and tight and more snuggling commenced.

My sister left work and brought Preston with her to the airport to pick up Brad and then all of them headed to the hospital!

Finally it was time for Olivia to meet her Daddy and big brother and for them to meet her!

Everyone agreed that she was perfect!

Preston was a little quiet.  He thought she would be bigger.  And the entire hospital setting was throwing him a little bit.

We're officially a family of FOUR!

Daddy got a chance to snuggle his little girl!

And I got a chance to snuggle my big boy!

Getting a closer look.

I snagged Olivia from Brad for a minute to take a photo with Brenda before her shift ended.

Then right back to Daddy she went.

Before Auntie Jessie got a turn for some snuggles.

We have TWO KIDS!

Preston still wasn't so sure about the whole (little) little sister thing.  He was kind of keeping his distance.  He kept telling us it was because he didn't want to get her sick with the cough he'd had for two weeks now.  Such a sweet big brother already!

Little baby toesies!

Kelly waited so patiently for her turn to get some Livi loves!

It was time to meet our next nurse, Heidi.  Olivia didn't love her.  Can't say I blame her she wasn't my favorite either. 

Preston did NOT love how much Olivia screamed about being unwrapped from her nice warm blankets and looked over by Heidi.

But once Olivia was wrapped back up and settled back in, he got comfortable.

My Dad, Matt, Kaylee, and Marrissa all came to visit later in the day.

Auntie Rissa and Grandpa were the only ones brave enough to hold Olivia!  And my Dad held her so fast I didn't get a photo!

Brad and Preston ran home to grab all of the things that would have been in my hospital bag had I finished packing it.  My Mom ran to Macy's to pick up some little newborn sleepers since I pretty much owned nothing that would fit Olivia because I had expected her to arrive closer to Preston's size.  Olivia and I obviously stayed at the hospital. 

Then Preston headed home with Grandma and Grandpa for the night and Brad and I settled in for our night in the hospital.

We made it through another nurse change.  This time to Maria.  Who was my second favorite of our stay after Brenda.  Maria was awesome!

Olivia took her first bath.

We all tried to sleep.

It didn't go well.  Every time I set her down Olivia woke up.  So Brad took a shift sleeping.  Then I attempted to take a shift.  It didn't go well since I couldn't fall asleep knowing that Brad was so tired and what if he fell asleep.  Finally I just gave in and let Olivia lay down next to me and we all slept.

There was yet another nurse change and our final nurse of Olivia's arrival and the one to check us out was Sue.

Twenty four hours after Olivia's birth we all headed home.  As a family of four.

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Kelly said...

Aww!!! I was so honored to be a part of Olivia's special day. You amazed me beyond belief! Little Liv will always have a special place in my heart!