Friday, October 18, 2013

Olivia Gets A Tooth

Olivia has her first little tooth!

I've been thinking that she was teething with all the drool and her sucking on anything she can get to her mouth. Plus Preston got his first tooth around this age too.

Overnight it broke through!

You can just see the top poking through her little gums.

So freaking cute!

It's on the bottom on her right.

I tried to get a picture.  It wasn't really happening.  Taking a picture of inside a four month old's mouth is hard.  No joke!

My attempts...

Notice that you don't actually see a lot of little tooth but you do see a lot of blur.  New tooth or not Livi is a busy girl! 

You can kind of see it in there in that last one.  I promise it's there.  She just won't sit still long enough!

And I'm pretty sure the one next to it is going to be popping through soon too! 

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