Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Family Photos 2013

I am so incredibly blessed to have friends that are so amazingly talented. Even more so when they are willing to use their talents to capture moments for my family. I was lucky enough to not just have one photographer friend with us but two!  Sometimes I can't believe just how fortunate I am to have the friends that I have.

I present to you family photos 2013. Preston at six years old. Olivia at four months old. Brad and I at ages that we don't need to talk about.  

Taken by Danielle Bopp Photography...

I love this one!
You guys!  For real!  Daddy and his little girl!
Everything about this.  It's so obvious how much these two love each other!
And then there were four!
My happy girl!
Gah!  It's almost just too much to see how this husband of mine is with our littles!
Me and my boy!  I just love his loves!

Taken by Kate Densmore Photography...

My boy.  In his element.
Little smiles.
Preston is just such a BOY!
She loves her Mama!
This.  <3

Now the really hard part.  Deciding which ones to frame.  I don't even know where to begin!

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