Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Park Fun

Every year, we pay a visit to a local park in the Fall and we take photos.

Preston looks like he was excited.  But really we had to drag him out this year.  

Once we were there, he had a blast though! 

Starting with a leaf fight in the giant pile of leaves with Brad!

We just happened to run into friends.  So Preston and Miles had another leaf fight.

Brad even got in on the fun.  Two against one!

We headed into the park to explore. 

Preston found the rocks.  Rocks that he always jumps off.  What good are rocks if you can't jump off of them.

Back farther into the park to find the even bigger rocks.

Me and my favorite little boy!

Preston found even more rocks to climb and jump off.  He's such a boy!

Seriously he's my favorite!

Crazy boy!

Preston and Brad!

The husband and myself.  Courtesy of Preston.

Can't ever have too many photos of my and my boy!

Preston had been dying to climb the big tree since we got there.  So as a very last stop that's just what he did!

Look deep into the puddle.  See anyone familiar?  He's busy.  And oh so cute.  And six.

Little Miss slept the whole time we were at the park so she missed out on all the excitement.

The leaves were just so beautiful!  One of my favorite parks in the Fall.  I'm so glad we got to get there all together this year!

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