Saturday, October 19, 2013

Another Hospital Visit

Brad's Grandma was back in the hospital and when they gave us a call, we headed down to the hospital to see them.

I told Brad it seems like every time we start talking about planning a trip to see them they end up at the hospital and we see them.  So we're going to have to stop talking about visiting them and start just doing it!

I of course brought my camera!

Preston, Olivia, and Great Grandpa Pitts!

Brad, the kids, and Grandpa!

Brad's Grandpa's sister was there and so excited to meet Olivia and give her some snuggles!

Teaching Great Grandpa about the games on the iPad.

This isn't the first time Great Grandma Pitts has met Olivia but she looks so much better this time and is SO MUCH more aware!

Hanging out with Imo Jean!

They argued about all of the photos I was taking but I'm so glad I made them all sit through them!

Brad, the kids, and Great Grandma!

All of us!

I hopped out and Imo Jean hopped in!

Brad and his Grandparents with the kids!  I love this one!

I just wish we had been visiting somewhere other than the hospital!

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