Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Library Nerves

Preston was having a really rough night and was all sorts of upset and finally I got him calmed down enough that he could tell me what had started the whole meltdown.


It stresses him out. His words.  He kept saying that library stressed him out.

I asked if the library teacher was mean.  If there were other kids in there that were mean.  Basically I asked a bunch of questions about things that would stress me out.

Finally he told me that picking a book out stressed him out.  He was under the impression that he HAD to pick a book out.  I guess when he's asked if he has to they've always told him yes he gets to pick a book out.  Him meaning he doesn't want to.  The librarian I'm sure meaning he GETS to!  He felt like he had to pick the perfect book.  The perfect book in not enough time.  Although what is the right amount of time to find perfection?  Then once he did find the perfect book, checking it out caused him even more stress.

We never call Preston by his first and last name.  Always by his first and middle name.  Always.  When we're trying to get his attention.  When he's in trouble.  When we're cheering for him.  First and middle name.  Preston James.  It feels weird to say anything other than that six years in.  The thing is when you check a book out you have to give your first and last name.  While Preston does in fact know his last name, since he doesn't hear it as often he always tells the librarian Preston James.  Only that's not right.  So when they tell him to try again he stresses out again.

Once he got through the whole process of finding the perfect book and then checking it out and saying the right name, next up was that for the remainder of library you sit down at the tables and read your newly checked out book.  Only Preston can't read.  And that's a big issue for him.  Being told to sit down and read his book when he can't actually read it.

Only to end with the fact that after all of that he had to return these books the following week.  These books that he worked so hard to check out and now really enjoyed.  He didn't want to return the book and go through all of this all over again.  

So I offered to come to library.  Every week until he was no longer upset about library.

Which calmed him down.

I went to school with him and talked with his teacher about it and she let me know that I was more than welcome and she wanted to help in whatever way she could because she hated that Preston was having a hard time with library and told me when library was.

For three weeks Olivia and I headed back to school half an hour after we dropped Preston off so that we could go to library.

The first week, you could definitely see that Preston was stressed.  He asked me over and over the morning of to make sure I knew when to be there and how to get to the library.  I assured him over and over that I would be there and that I would follow him to the library so I wouldn't get lost.

We listened from the sidelines while the class was read a book by the librarian, who seemed very nice.

I helped him find a book.  A book that he would enjoy for the week that he had it.

Then we hopped in line.  Where he remembered to say his first and last name instead of his first and middle name.

And finally sat down at the table to read his new book.

It all went great!  Preston seemed so much less stressed.

But the following week all the anxiety was back.  Even starting up during the weekend.  Asking when library was.  How many days were left.  Where his library book was.  Would I be there.

So for the second week in a row, Olivia and I went to library.

Things went even better this week.  I hung back and let him do his own thing.  Just knowing that I was there seemed to be enough.

He was still a little bit anxious about library over the weekend but told me that he could handle it.  By himself even.

Only nerves got the best of him and on library day he changed his mind and said he wanted me there.

So I was there.  Another week.  Another library visit.

It turns out third times the charm.  After the last visit Preston told me that he could handle library on his own.  And he did.  This week he went to library all on his own and told he it went just fine!

The thing is Preston's had a big year.  He became a big brother.  Went from being an only child to the oldest.  His Daddy is working out of town.  His Mommy is slightly exhausted.  He started school five days a week.  Big boy school.  So if he needs me to come to library for three weeks or longer had that been the case.  I'll do it.  I'm his Mommy and he's my little boy.  So when he needs me for the big things or the little things, I'll be there.  I hope he never forgets that. 

Olivia Sits

All on her own. For the most part.

She's been getting better and better at sitting on her own for the last couple of weeks.

Then today I was showing my Mom and instead of wobbling and sitting for only a few seconds she sat. Like actually sat. For a good thirty seconds. And then she got excited about her toys and she wiggled around and tipped over.

But first, she sat.

Because she's a big girl and that's what big girls do.

If you need me I'll be in the corner. Rotating between crying because my babbbbby she sits. And smiling because she's been wanting to do it and now she's just about there.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's Sunday...

So I had to dress Olivia up in her football outfit!

How cute is she!  Obviously I think she's like the cutest thing ever.

Even better her headband and the football onesie complete with butt ruffles in our team's colors were made with love by Kelly!  To go with the legwarmers I bought online when I was pregnant with Liv!

Of course we had to go over to show Grandpa that Olivia likes football too!

And she really does.  She was totally watching the game with him!

Preston loved the whole outfit too and kept calling her a little football!

Football Sunday happening up in here!


Somebody found her toesies the other day!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Photos With My iPhone Week 20


Olivia's first bottle!



Ummm I think that bike is a little small for you Brad.
That LifeProof case is earning it's keep.


Until next week!

Carving Party

Some friends of ours invited us over to carve some pumpkins and have dinner! We hadn't seen them in a while so I jumped on the chance to hang out! And I'm so glad, we had such a great time!

There was some serious pumpkin carving happening. 

The Dads ended up doing most of the work since the kids were over it pretty quick.  But Preston did come back to help paint the pumpkin.  Which Brad was so excited about since it made it that much more fun to carve when he was avoiding green paint!  Ha! 

And then Preston gave up on painting it and Brad finished.  It's tough being a Dad when you have to share your pumpkin! 

Livs was having a good time with her toys too!  She got to stay snug and warm in the cutest little fleece that Caymbree handed down to her!  It was big but she totally rocked it! 

The kids moved on to painting the little pumpkins while their Dads finished up the bigger ones!  There were pumpkins everywhere!

Some of the little pumpkin carvers.  Notice the boys and their swords.  Boys will be boys! 

My busy boy!

And sweet girl!

Livs got to hang out with Caymbree when we went back inside! 

After we warmed back up we all had dinner.  Kelly made taco soup and it was my first time ever having it and it was sooooo good!  How I have waited my whole life to try it, I'm not even sure!  I'm totally going to make it again at home!

Preston had a blast racing around with the boys while Livi fell asleep on Daddy's lap watching football and I got to hang out and have actual grown up conversation with the ladies! 

We all had a great time!  Thanks for inviting us Zellers!