Saturday, September 14, 2013

We Go To The Fair

The fair is in town!

But even more exciting the fair and Emmy are in town!  Preston was so excited to get to go to the fair with Emmy!

In fact Preston was so excited that he was willing to eat a cheeseburger for dinner.  That is practically unheard of for Mr Pickiest Eater Ever.  But we got in line and it turned out that they didn't have chicken at the booth and we were of course already at the front when it was time to order so it was eat a burger or go home.  He chose wisely. 

After we ate we all headed over to check out the animals.  My least favorite part.  Brad's favorite.  My farm raised husband.

Preston's favorite part was the little crocodiles.  Brad didn't see a lot of those on the farm!  Ha!

Olivia took a little nap.  I thought she was down for the night.  But she wasn't.  Just a nap.

While Preston and Emmy rode some rides.

Everyone was having fun until the slide.  Preston wanted to ride it so bad!  We waited in the long line and everything.  

And then he went down.  All fun and games.

Until Preston tried to get up and got all tangled up in the sack and face planted.  Poor kid.  He rebounded fast though and we were onto the next! 

Preston and Emmy wanted to do the trampoline jump so we headed that way.

And waited.  And waited.  And waited.

Then it was Preston's turn!  This is always one of his favorite parts of the fair!  And this year was no different!  He even did a somersault! 

Olivia was very excited to watch.  Really she was just excited in general.  She woke up from her nap a very happy girl!  It was probably because I changed her and she got to hang out in her jammies at the fair! 

Preston and Emmy rode some more rides! 

I forced Preston to take a picture with me.

Olivia was still so excited!

Preston really wanted to ride the big roller coaster and he was tall enough to ride as long as he rode with an adult and since I love roller coasters I hopped in line with him and Liv hung out with Brad.

We had so much fun!  Pretty sure I screamed more than Preston.

The four of us!

Preston really wanted to ride the ferris wheel with Emmy and I just can't.  I can't do it.  So I suckered Brad into it.

Preston and I got to ride one more ride.  I love my little boy! 

Well it was supposed to be the last ride of the night.

Then Preston begged to be able to try climbing this ladder thing to ring the bell and win a prize.  I had a flashback to my childhood and being at the fair in California and everyone trying over and over and how much fun it was.  So we paid the man and Preston gave it a try!  

He didn't real the bell but he did have a lot of fun!

My boys.

Then we were passing the scrambler as we were walking out and there wasn't a line so Preston and Brad hopped on!  For what really was the last ride of the night.

Somebody was exhausted from all the fun at the fair and passed out in the car on the way home.

We love the fair!

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