Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thoughts On Thursday

We had a play date here to celebrate the end of summer. Or mourn it. It was a lot of fun! There were nineteen kids including the babies, which is just crazy because it totally didn't seem like it.  We had a blast having friends over.

Until two days later when "the sickness" set in.  Somehow it got passed around at the play date and five of us Moms came down with it all in the same night.  And while I hoped it was food poisoning so that it would stop with me, it wasn't.  Some of the kids caught it too.  Preston included.  And we all know that kid doesn't eat the things everyone else eats.  Then Brad got it.  And he wasn't even there.

It was AWFUL!  Horrible.


In good news, "the sickness" caused me to lose five pounds.  Putting me under my pre-Olivia weight.

I've gained some of it back.  But still I was there.


When I started throwing up, I called my Mom and asked her to come over.  I couldn't leave the bathroom and felt like I was dying.  And Olivia isn't exactly at any sort of an age that makes it possible for me to die in the bathroom and know that she will be okay taking care of herself while that is happening.

She showed up.  With Gatorade and masks for me.

I'm not sure she knew what she would be walking into.  Olivia was pissed in the swing because she was over this whole Mommy is sick and can't put me to bed thing.  Preston hadn't had dinner.  And I couldn't leave the bathroom.  Good times.  In one of my coherent moments she told me that my Dad was bringing her a bag and she was going to stay the night.

Thank God for my Mom.  We would NOT have survived the night if she hadn't.

I didn't even leave the bathroom until after two in the morning.  She brought me my comforter and I huddled on the bathroom floor under it when I wasn't becoming intimate with the toilet.  Good times.

She also brought me water.  With ice.  And a straw.  See I'm even high maintenance when I'm sick.


What sucked about getting sick Labor Day weekend, besides the whole being sick thing, was that it was our last hurrah weekend before school started.  I had big plans with all the fun we were going to have.  Back to school dinner at Preston's favorite restaurant.  Fun trip downtown to ride the rides one last time.  All sorts of fun things to finish off summer.

We did none of them.

So when school started I felt a little unready.  Summer isn't over because we didn't have a last hurrah!


That being said, I'm excited for Fall.  Summer is my favorite season for sure.  But Fall is definitely second!  And first in the clothing department.  I love Fall clothes.  Boots and scarves.  Be still my heart!


We didn't get to the coast this year.  Or last year even.  And I'm missing the ocean.  Preston loves the ocean.  There is just something relaxing about it.  We are definitely going to have to go next summer.  Preston and Olivia need to get their toes in the sand!


Olivia is getting so big.  She turned three months old yesterday.  What!  The last three months have flown by!  She rode in the stroller when we walked Preston to school today like a big girl.  And loved it!  I knew she would, she loves looking around and seeing all of the things there are to see!


Preston said the cutest thing ever this weekend.  I was talking about last Fall and how I was so sick for all of the things we did because I was in my first trimester of my pregnancy with Olivia.  While I was saying it and that Olivia would be coming with us this time, Preston cut me off and told me she came last time too.  Duh Mommy.  We had to remind him that she wasn't around last year except in my tummy.  She's just so much so a part of our family now that Preston was shocked that she wasn't there last year.  Melt my Mommy heart!  I love my littles!


Preston had soccer practice tonight!  He is loving soccer again!

He took a ball to the cheek at practice tonight.  And recovered quick.  After when I asked him if it still hurt he informed me that it never hurt.  Then told me to stop asking.  Ummm okay kid.  Go ahead and repeat that when I was telling Brad about it after dinner.  Sheesh kid, sorry for assuming it hurts to get drilled in the FACE with a soccer ball!

Also, that's my boy!


Liv tried to stay away during soccer practice but she just didn't quite make it.


Speaking of Olivia, I put her in six month jammies tonight.  The three month ones weren't long enough anymore and she couldn't stretch her little legs out.  How is she so big!


Preston is loving kindergarten!  Loving it.  He gets excited to go every day.  I love how much he loves it.  And even more love when he lets little things slip about his day there.  I do hate that like his Daddy when I ask him what he learned or what he did it's like pulling teach.  You have to ask a million questions to get an answer.  Add in that he has my patience and I better ask the right questions to get answers fast!  Ha!


We've had thunderstorms the last couple of weeks.  Preston is obsessed.  The first one a couple weeks ago he sat at the back door with Brad calling out, "Whoa!  Did you see that?  That was awesome!"  And last night and tonight he was already in bed when they started and he called me down to open the curtains so that he could watch the lightning from bed.  Fearless that one.

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