Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Preston is loving kindergarten.  Absolutely loving it.  Today I had to tell him just short of a million times that it was too early to leave for school and we had to wait just a little bit longer.  I love that he loves it so much!

2. Preston is also a fashion trendsetter these days.  Particularly in the shoe department.  He has been wearing two different shoes.  Intentionally.  He loves it.  I'm rolling with it.

 3.  Olivia is getting close to rolling over!  So close.  If she could just figure out to tuck in her arm she would do it.

4.  I went to my first PTSO meeting tonight.  Something about that statement makes me feel like such a Mom.  For real.  I had to leave before it was over because Olivia was done.  But still.  Whoa, I am old.

5.  Brad's Grandma gave me this baby booty frame with the photo of Brad's Dad as a baby.  I've been wanting it for years but she hasn't wanted to part with it.  She finally did.  And as a total surprise.  They sent us a giant box of things and the frame was in it.  I am so dang excited to have this up in our home!

6.  I wanted to make cookies earlier today.  But Olivia wasn't feeling it.  So I didn't.  Now I wish I would have.  I really want a cookie.

7.  Preston is loving playing with the boys on our street!  Yesterday he saw them out riding their bikes and asked if he could go ride too.  When I said yes he grabbed his helmet and raced out to his bike to ride too.  And today they came over and rang the bell looking for him!  It's so cute!

8.  I love that our street is getting so friendly!  We've lived here for seven years and I've chatted more with my neighbors in the last couple of months than in that entire time.  I'm not sure what's changed but I'm totally enjoying it!

9.  Liv prefers to nap in her swing at this point.  Or in my arms.  But not all snuggled up on my chest.  So I made her yesterday.  Oh baby snuggles.

10.  Preston is getting so much more confident on his bike.  Even in the last couple of days.  We went for a family walk/bike ride on Sunday.  And he was a mess.  He was nervous about stopping.  Nervous about starting.  And just a little wobbly.  But now just two days later he is so much more comfortable!  I really think riding with friends has helped a lot!

I came up with ten things!

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