Saturday, July 27, 2013

Seattle Trip

With Brad and my Dad both out of town for work, we headed to Seattle with my Mom and little sister.

It was a little rough getting going. Who am I kidding. It was rough getting going. I may have thrown in the towel and said that I didn't even want to go anymore and to just take me home at one point. But we pushed through. And went.

Olivia did awesome. The first half hour or so of the trip not so much. She wouldn't eat before we left and then wanted to eat. And get out of her car seat. So less than a half hour in we made our first pit stop. Little Miss ate. Got back in her car seat and we got back on the road.

Olivia chilled out and then slept. Thank God for the pacifier.

Preston is my road trip kid. He always does awesome on road trips. It's almost ridiculous.  He loves to travel like his Mama.

We made it half way there before we stopped again.  This time for dinner.  It was late but it worked.

On the road again.

I kept expecting Preston to fall asleep.  But oh did he fight sleep.  He really fought it.  He talked.  And played.  And talked some more.  Before finally passing out sometime around midnight.  That crazy kid.

We hit the hotel late.  Really late.

We had decided to stay outside of Seattle this time.  Everything was booked downtown that was reasonable priced.  And we found a hotel that was actually more of a little condo.  Two bedrooms.  Two bathrooms.  A kitchen.  And a living room.  Score.

Liv was exhausted!

We spent our first day at the zoo!

But first we had to get out of the hotel.  Which was no easy task.  Then we had to figure out how to get from Kent to the zoo.  It was quite the ordeal.  Adding in that once we got there I realized I didn't have my wallet.  Which was awesome.  Thank God my Mom had hers.

Finally we made it into the actual zoo.

We met Madison there.  These two were so excited to see each other!  And love on the kitties!

After lunch we went to see the jaguar cubs!  They were so adorable!

Olivia wasn't as impressed as Preston and I were.

After the reptiles and snakes I asked these two to take a couple of pictures together.  A few tries in I finally brought out the bumblebee to get some real smiles!

Preston got a bloody nose and Madison was so concerned.  I didn't have any napkins so I ripped up a diaper and had him use that.  Madison sat next to him and helped him hold the diaper.

I have to mention how unhappy Preston was about having to use a diaper on his nose.  I had to reassure him that it was clean before he would even touch it!  Ha!

Olivia and Pia!

Me, Preston, Olivia, and Madison.

Hugs before Madison headed home for a nap!

Madison informed me that she was going to "Preston's house".  When I asked her if she was coming over to our house she corrected me and told me that she was going to "Preston's house".  Kid is always overshadowing me!

Hanging out with the komodo dragon. Preston loves that they are dragons!

My little monkey in a tree!

The bears were putting on quite the show!

A new playground had just opened up and Preston was so excited about it!

After Target (the two story one!) and dinner at Red Robin (Preston's choice) we headed back to the hotel.  We did a little walking.  Before Olivia needed to go to bed.  And then Preston.

Only problem was, where was I supposed to go to bed?

Good thing they are so cute!

We spent our second day shopping!  At the outlets out in Tukwila!

But first we had to get up and dressed!

And there was coffee.  My first mocha frappuccino since before I found out I was pregnant with Olivia.  It was delicious!

I bribed Preston.  For every store he was good in he earned a ride.  But when he was naughty he lost a ride.  It could go positive or negative.  Best idea EVER!  Totally worth all the rides he earned.

Olivia didn't get to ride the rides.  But she didn't seem to mind all that much.  Gotta start her young on the shopping front!

We finished the night with crappy mexican food. No bueno.  And Ikea!  Why can't we live closer to Ikea?!

Our last full day was spent at Discovery Park.  I've been there before.  Father's Day the year before we did some hiking.  I assumed I could figure out where we started.  I was wrong.  I couldn't even figure out where we parked.  After driving around aimlessly I finally just gave up and parked in one of the lots and we decided to just start hiking there.

Don't my babies look absolutely adorable in hoodies?

A butterfly landed on Marrissa!

Ready to hike!

It was such a beautiful hike down!

Me and my littles!

Livi got to catch a ride down in the ergo!

Preston, Grandma, and Rissa!

We made it to the beach!

On the way down to the water, Preston and Riss found a little snail!

This boy of mine loves the ocean!

As much of a brat as he is to his Auntie Rissa sometimes, Preston loves her!

He found a starfish!

While Preston and Marrissa explored the beach, Liv and I headed back up to sit on the logs with my Mom.

Grandma and her grandbabies!

He's such a boy!  Finding a sword out of driftwood.

Seriously my baby girl, a hoodie, and the beach...bliss!

Watch yourself, he's armed and dangerous!

Me and my littles on the beach!

Preston didn't want to take any more pictures, but Olivia can't run away from me!

All of us!

Livi loved the beach too!

Preston ran through the water and then got covered in sand which resulted in sand in his shorts and adding that in with the hike back up and he was in tears about his poor thighs rubbing raw.  So after a lot of convincing he finally hiked back up in his underwear with his sweatshirt tied around his waist.  Poor kid.

Livi didn't do any hiking.  But she still looked cute.

The hike back up was rough.  For real.  Especially when I was wearing Liv.

All that hiking was so much work for this poor girl too.  She was exhausted by the time we hit Pike Place.  She proved it with a full meltdown by the time we found parking downtown.

Or maybe she was just ready to change out of her hiking clothes and into her cute lunch and watlking the boardwalk clothes.

Preston was playing with her at a late lunch/early dinner, when he put on of the new little toys that he'd gotten at Pike Place Market by her hand and she grabbed on!  He thought it was so awesome that she was holding his toy!  So when she let go of it he kept trying to get her to do it again and again.  Something tells me in a couple years he won't think it's quite that awesome!

Also she looks so stinkin' big sitting there holding her big brother's toys!

She wasn't all that happy about having them taken away.  Or really about being put in her car seat when we left The Crab Pot.

Luckily she got over it pretty quick!  How cute is she in this little outfit!?

Me and my girl!

Preston rode the carousel!

He loved it!

Then he was a little crab!  Cutest crab ever!

We made one final stop before heading back to the hotel.  Marrissa wanted to see the gum wall.  I had never been to it before.  None of us had.  Which meant we got a little lost trying to find it.  And had to ask for directions.

But we found it!

it was so gross!

Friday was our last day in Seattle and after dropping my Mom and Marrissa off at the airport Preston, Olivia, and I headed into Seattle to hang out with Jen and Madison before meeting up with Brad to head home.

The ride home was so exciting.

Olivia slept.

Preston played on the iPad.

I sat in the back with the kids for a while.  And went through photos from our trip.

Brad drove.

Another trip to Seattle in the books!

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