Friday, July 19, 2013

Preston's SIXTH Birthday

Preston is SIX! It doesn't even seem possible. I was just leaving the hospital with him yesterday I swear. How did he get so big?

To celebrate his big day we headed downtown to spend the day having lunch, riding the rides, and catching an IMAX movie!

But first we had to start the day!

I had filled his bedroom the night before with balloons so that he would wake up to them!

Awesome right? Only thing was that almost all of them had sunk to the ground by the time he woke up. Boo! Not that Preston cared. He still thought it was the BEST thing ever!

I woke up to the sounds of his little feet running up and down the hallway and then up and down the stairs.  When I got up and asked him what he was doing he told me he was bringing all of his balloons upstairs!  Of course.

We had breakfast (chocolate donuts!), Preston opened his presents from us, and then we all got ready!

Auntie Rissa had stayed the night which made the morning even more exciting for Preston!

We started with lunch at Chili's with Grandma, Auntie Rissa, and Mason.

Well after Preston opened his present from Grandma. His favorite part was the two new kitties. A snow leopard and a cheetah. Preston loves his kitties.

Preston even got a dessert and liked it!

I brought my big camera downtown with us. And we stopped and took all of these what I'm assuming were fabulous photos on our way into the park. Only to go to look and see if one turned out the way I wanted it to about one hundred photos in and learn that I didn't put my dang memory card in. What?!!

Thank goodness I had my phone for back up!

Riding the sizzler!

One the berries with Auntie Rissa and Mason!

Liv had a good time too.

Fuzzy, but me and my birthday boy!


My littles! Love them!

She's awake!

All ready to watch Great White Sharks at the IMAX!

During the movie Preston informed us, "I'm never swimming in the ocean. EVER!" Welcome to the club kid.

My big boy on his sixth birthday! With a real smile even!

Best cousins!

My two littles hanging out at Grandma's house before we headed to dinner!

My brother told him to pretend like he was going to eat her!

Preston picked Red Robin for his birthday dinner. No surprise there. It's his absolute favorite restaurant!

Preston thought Brad wasn't going to be able to make it home for his birthday because he was working. Unknown to Preston Brad was heading home a day early. He had planned on getting home earlier but you know what happens when you are running twenty plus guys building a five story hotel with a parking garage, you get hung up. So he left a lot later than planned. But was on track to show up just in time to meet us at Red Robin for dinner after picking up Preston's big birthday present.

Preston still had no idea.

We got to Red Robin and Preston ran over to say hello to his best friend Zack, who was meeting us for dinner! While they chatted Brad walked up and I called Preston back over to me to "help" me with something. Really I just wanted to take some photos of the moment when he realized his Daddy had come home for his birthday!

And I am so glad that I did.  These photos are probably some of my favorite photos ever!

Preston was just SO EXCITED! And surprised. It was amazing. And made me want to cry. He just loves his Daddy so much!

It was even better because Preston's last three birthday me and him have been in California on vacation while Brad worked. So Brad and Preston were due to celebrate a birthday together! Work be damned!

Best friends!

Poor Liv was just so tired after spending the day celebrating Preston's birthday!

The birthday song! And dessert!

The whole birthday dinner group!

But it didn't end there!  Preston got to open his main present from Brad, Olivia, and I.  It wasn't wrapped so I guess he didn't exactly open it so much as he got to find out what it was.

A trampoline!

He's been wanting one and we finally bit the bullet and did it!

These three troublemakers.

While the boys bounced around in the back of Brad's truck, Olivia snagged some Grandpa time. You've got to distract Preston in order for this to happen because he loves his Grandpa!

These two!  Preston LOVED that Zack came to his birthday dinner! I love that we have friends that feel like family!

When we got home, Preston was excited to find another present waiting for him. This time from Aunt Jen and Madison.

He might have liked it just a little bit!

Happy Sixth Birthday Preston!! We all love you so very much and are so blessed to have you in our lives!

Thanks to everyone who showed up to make Preston's birthday special! And it was!

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