Sunday, September 29, 2013

Olivia Rolls Over

Olivia has been so close to rolling over for a couple weeks now.

Then this morning we were playing on the floor and she just did it.  One minute she was on her tummy and the next she was on her back.  Like no big thing. 

I was so surprised because she made it seem so easy!  So of course I flipped her back over to see if she would do it again and this time took a video. 

She totally did!

Screenshots from the video of her doing it the second time!

I startled her a little bit both times when I started cheering because I was so excited!

I'm also pretty sure she was like hey lady I just rolled over how about you let me relax for a minute when I flipped her back over to her tummy to see if she could do it again!  Ha!

I can't believe she rolled over!  Big three month old girl rolling over!

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