Thursday, October 3, 2013

Olivia At Three Months

Olivia Marie,

At three months. Look how adorable you were. You already look so much bigger.

You fit into six month clothes. Because you are so dang tall. Seriously. Tall and skinny, that's our girl. You wore our first pair of shoes. They were the cutest pair of shoes I have ever seen. Seriously. Gah! I wish they came in my size. We could be matching! HA!

We bought your first exersaucer. You look so little in it. I think you might still be little for it. But you like to look at all of the toys. I can't wait until you can reach out and play with all of them!

Big news of the ROLLED OVER!  What!  I was totally not expecting it, since you've been hating tummy time.  We were playing on the floor and you just did it.  I of course flipped you back over so you would do it again and you did!  The second time I got it on video!  I'm sure you were like come on Mama I just rolled over and you put me back?  What is that!   I'm so excited for you!

You've been squealing and getting excited when you see me, Daddy, and Preston!  I love how much more you are talking.  You melt all of us a million times over with all the cooing!

Which is a good thing.  Since little one you are a mess with your naps and some days you make me want to pull all of my hair out.  Naps have become like a twenty minute thing.  And it's rough.  Forty-five minutes seems to be pushing it.  It leaves you tired and cranky and no surprise me tired and cranky!   We will figure it out...eventually.

Olivia you still love your baths and have started to know when it's bath time.  You get all excited!  I'm sure your love of the bath is why you love the bathroom so much.  For real it's like your favorite room in the house.  

Smart girl also figured out how to work the kick and play!  You seem so little until you show us how big you are!

Tantrums have also begun. So exciting.

OH!  And you weighed in at thirteen pounds and three ounces.  Very impressive!

Love you baby girl!

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