Saturday, August 24, 2013

Family Day Downtown

We took advantage of Preston's pass for the rides downtown again!  This time as a family.

Preston was over the moon that Brad was coming down with us.

Partly because it meant he could ride the Spider, since Daddy would ride with him.  I refuse to take him on that one ever ever again.  It spins and makes me nauseous.  But it also makes me a nervous wreck with him.  Three cheers for Daddy going on it with him!

It was the first ride of the day!

I half expected Preston to get off and say he hated it.  Of course he didn't.  He loved it.  Every single minute of it.  Even if he did have a death grip on the handle!

Next up they rode the berries.

I don't handle the spinning rides as well as I used to before I had kids.  Luckily Brad likes those.  And I like the roller coasters.  We're a perfect team, me and that husband of mine.

The boys did the scrambler next!

Then it was me and Preston's turn!  We hopped on the roller coaster!

The boys hopped on the tilt a whirl next.

While Liv and I hung out and waited for them!

Preston played mini golf next.  He took it very seriously.

I swear he did that all on his own.  Me and Brad were dying.  It was hilarious.

Preston had asked to ride the ferris wheel the last time we were down here and I had turned him down.  The last and only time I have ever ridden it with him he was two and wouldn't sit still and I was certain we were both going to fall out.  I haven't been able to convince myself that now that he's older it would be a better ride.  Brad on the other hand was braver than me and hopped right on with him!

I hung out down below with my girl!

Next up...Preston became a pilot!

Then up to the bumper boats.

While Preston rode, Liv hung out with her Daddy!

He may have had a good time on the bumper boats!

Poor little sister dragged around while big brother got to have all the fun!

Preston was the only one on the bumper boats which made the whole bumping part kind of hard.  Lucky for him the guy working the boats was pushing one of the boats into him or letting Preston crash into him.  So it was still exciting!

Me and my girl while Preston took his last ride of the day on the airplanes.

Preston begged to walk down and cross the bridges so he could see the waterfalls.  So we did.

I wanted a family photo and it cracks me up.  Not exactly what I had in mind!  Ha!

We finished the day off with burgers and milkshakes!

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