Friday, September 13, 2013

Dinner With Family

With my Aunt in town we all decided to head out to dinner.  As adults.  Except Livi.  She gets a free pass being an adorable little baby and all.

Brad was tired from work so he opted to stay home and hang out with Preston.

I had Brad take some pictures of me and Livi before we left.  Because she just looked so cute!

Sweet girl was so tired!

I pulled her out of her car seat so she could say hello to everyone and show them how stinkin' cute she looked.  While they pulled out their phones to take sweet girls photo, she melted down.  My Mom sent me this one later.  Even crying she is the cutest little girl ever!

Liv ended up falling asleep just as my food was arriving.  Perfect timing!

I made everyone stop and take a photo as we were heading out!

Then Liv and I headed home to the other half of our people.  Who were settling in with a bath and bedtime and UFC fights.

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