Sunday, September 29, 2013

Olivia Rolls Over

Olivia has been so close to rolling over for a couple weeks now.

Then this morning we were playing on the floor and she just did it.  One minute she was on her tummy and the next she was on her back.  Like no big thing. 

I was so surprised because she made it seem so easy!  So of course I flipped her back over to see if she would do it again and this time took a video. 

She totally did!

Screenshots from the video of her doing it the second time!

I startled her a little bit both times when I started cheering because I was so excited!

I'm also pretty sure she was like hey lady I just rolled over how about you let me relax for a minute when I flipped her back over to her tummy to see if she could do it again!  Ha!

I can't believe she rolled over!  Big three month old girl rolling over!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Photos With My iPhone Week 16

Oh look, more photos with my iPhone!


That hat on her little head kills me!


Livi's new shoes arrived!  I love them!


Big girl playing with the toys in her saucer!
And she's done!


He climbed in bed with me in the morning and brought the iPad.
You don't wear headbands with your jammies?  We were going through them!
Seriously?!  The cuteness!
She just looks like she's saying, "Seriously Mom?!"


Big girl plays with and grabs her toys now!

Until next week.

Soccer Game Four

Undefeated! Say what!

Oh yes. The Green Machines are undefeated.

Even after playing a team that was (ahem) undefeated. The other team isn't anymore. But we are! Woo Woo!

It was wet and rainy. And cold. But we did it.

Of course by we, I do mean the little people. I didn't actually do a whole lot. Except cheer. And take away Preston's hat when he kept pulling it down over one eye because he wanted to be a pirate. That was awesome.

It was a close game.  Which made it even more exciting.  But the boys played amazing and really earned that win!

Olivia didn't have quite the enthusiasm about the game as the rest of us.  She slept through pretty much the whole thing.

We promised Preston a new green soccer ball if he scored a goal.  He was not thrilled that it didn't happen.  But it did get his head in the game after the whole pirate hat eye patch thing.

Did I mention we're undefeated!? 

Soccer Game Number Five

The Green Machines played their fifth game!

And they WON!!

Preston was even more excited about the game because he made a goal! Go Preston! He was seriously so excited! And so were we!

For more reasons than just having scored a goal for his team. We had also promised him a totally awesome new green soccer ball at the last game if he'd scored (you know to get him to stop being a pirate and start being a soccer player) and when he didn't score at that game it carried over to this game.

I'm proud to say he earned his soccer ball!

And the Green Machines are still undefeated!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thoughts On Thursday

Preston's been home sick for the last two days. His first sick days. He woke up with a cold on Monday and then it got worse. And worse. Until Tuesday night he was running a fever. Fun times. Yesterday we ran to the store and bought some cold medicine and it has helped sooooo much! His fever has been gone since last night/early this morning. So he's going back to school tomorrow. He's so excited. And totally bummed out that he missed p.e. Poor kid!


Olivia has caught a smaller version of the cold Preston has. Poor girl's nose is all runny.


I love Fall. But hate cold and flu season. Just had to get that out of the way.


Afternoon kinder has meant that me and Liv have been able to meet Kelly for lunch twice now! Once on her birthday and once when Chili's was donating all proceeds to St Jude's!


Tomorrow is Friday!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wisely Worded Wednesday

 I heart this little boy.  Who doesn't quite look so little anymore.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Paci Thumb

Liv's been working on getting her pacifier into her mouth on her own. Or more accurately pulling her pacifier out of her mouth on her own.

Or in this case sticking her thumb inside of her pacifier and sucking both her thumb and her pacifier.

Her faces.  They were hilarious. 

She was not as impressed or amused as I was by the whole thing.

I did eventually help her by pulling her thumb out of her pacifier.

When I was done taking photos and laughing.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Photos With My iPhone Week 15

Another week of iPhone photos.


Poor Uncle Matt.
Much better!
Bob got in on the entertainment too!  Lucky kids.
Brad's got his hands and feet full! 


I will eat you!


How very myspace of us.
Preston is going to miss Emmy soooooo much!


"How about you put that camera down and roll me over? Mmkay?"


While Preston is at school Maso takes over his seat!


Mommy buys.  Daddy builds.


Livs and Kelly!

Until next week.