Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Preston Has A Sixth Birthday Party!

I told myself that this year with everything going on I wouldn't go crazy with Preston's birthday party.

I lied.

What can I say I love going crazy on his birthday parties!  And he loves that I do it.

The invitation and cutest little boy ever on it!

Throwing a party is a little bit harder when you have a two month old.  But we did it!

The birthday boy!

The food table!

By chance I found this pirate onesie for Olivia while we were in Seattle.  It was perfect for the party theme!

Since Preston and Olivia were dressing up I decided to go ahead and get the whole family in on it!  Brad's shirt had a pirate ship on it and mine had a treasure map!  The family that dresses together stays together right?!

Truth, getting Preston to pose for any of those photos was nearly impossible.  And the photos were the only time he wore his birthday party outfit.  As soon as I told him he was done he ran into the house and put on his swim trunks and stayed in them for the rest of the party.

The same went for Olivia.  She didn't last all that long in her party outfit.  It was HOT and I put her in something lighter.  Brad and I stayed strong though and made it through the whole party without any outfit changes!  We win!

I decided to do a candy table this year!  You know because I wasn't going to go crazy and was going to try to keep it simple.  Ha!

We had "baby sea serpents" (gummy worms), "cannonballs" (whoppers), "shackles" (peach rings and Lifesaver gummies), "jewels" (ring pops), "catch of the day" (swedish fish), and "doubloons" (gold coins).  It looked so cute!

The kids party bags!  And swords.  You can't be a pirate without a sword!  Inside the party bags the kids got an eye patch, tattoos, bracelets like the livestrong ones but with pirate sayings, a little telescope, party blowers, and pirate candy!

Beware of Pirates!  Also the drinks.

The kids did a lot more bouncing around this year.  Which is probably why it didn't seem like complete chaos when we had something like sixteen kids here!  The played with the truck, in the play area, dug for treasure, played on the water slide, bounced on the trampoline, and swam!  All sorts of fun!

While Preston raced around with friends, Olivia spent her time giving snuggles to the Moms. And napping.  She fought her nap all through setting up for the party so not that long into it she was exhausted.  I got her to sleep and then she hung out on Grandma's lap while I chatted with friends, watched Preston play, and made sure everyone was having a good time!

Obviously the kids were!

The water slide was such a hit this year!

The treasure dig was a hit!  I kept seeing the kids walking around with necklaces and rings they had dug up!

The pool is always a favorite at Preston's parties.  And this year it was even more exciting because Uncle Matt and his friend Micah were in there and they had all of the kids involved in a water gun fight!

Ryan loved Marrissa!  I think she might be one of his "ladies"!

Mase was only having a little bit of fun!

Preston and Zack, "bestest best friends!"

Miss Olivia woke up and was promptly scooped up by Aleya's Mom when she finished nursing.  Perfect timing since I needed to switch out the appetizers on the food table for the side dishes to go with the hamburgers and hot dogs.  Plus Aleya and Preston plan on getting married one day (they've told me!) so Olivia got to know Preston's future MIL.

Preston and Cohen!!

Photobomb by little brother!  Ryan just wants to get in on the "bestest best friend" action!

Enjoying the trampoline!

Poor Olivia started to get pissy and when I took her in to change her diaper I realized it was because she just wanted a little bit of space from everyone to stretch out!  Being held by everyone was keeping her from getting her stretch on!  So I brought out her little baby papasan chair for her to hang out and stretch out in.  I think she was also not loving that the party was all about her big brother!  Ha!

She was much happier!

Then it was time for cake!

We ordered from the same place we always do!  They did a great job putting it all together!  Preston loved it!

The candy and cake table!

Preston and his cake!

Time to blow out the candles!

It took a couple of tries, but he did it!

With a little help.  Zack got in there at the end and helped him blow the last candle out.  It was so sweet too because when it was done I wasn't sure if Preston was going to go all party diva on him about it, but he didn't though he turned to him and high-fived him for the help!

Happy SIXTH birthday Preston!  If the cake says it, it must be true!

Preston and Maso!  Only the two cutest cousins!

After cake it was time for presents!

Kelly made him a green super hero cape with a "P" on it.  I put it on him and all on his own posed like this for a photo.  Clearly he's a natural!

Giving hugs to say thank you!  Such a sweet boy!

No, don't leave!  Even at the age of six Preston wants the party to last all night!

Preston was so busy and having such a great time that we completely forgot about the pinata!  I realized it during presents.  But Preston didn't realize it until everyone had left for the night.  And he only realized it when he walked past the pinata and announced, "Hey!  We were having so much fun we forgot about the pinata!"  That's how I know he had an amazing time at his birthday party!  He fully forgot about the pinata that he had been so excited about!

Preston had a couple of bad dreams that night so Brad went in and laid with him.  Brad told me the next morning that his bad dreams were about people taking his squirt guns away and him fighting to get them back!  Things are rough when you're six!

Preston had an absolutely fabulous birthday party and we are so incredibly grateful to all of the family and friends who came to celebrate with us!

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