Saturday, August 3, 2013

Photos With My iPhone Week 8

I took a lot of photos with my phone this week!  Preston was even willing to be in some of them!  Olivia of course didn't have a whole lot of choice since she can't run from me!  Ha!


Preston woke up and got himself dressed before the rest of us had even gotten out of bed!



Olivia loves this pillow from our couch.  Loves it.  She'll stare at it and just smile.  
Preston sucked Olivia into his morning cartoons too!


Don't let her fool you, she pretty much hates tummy time.
Preston drew a picture of himself swimming!


Even though it doesn't look like it, he loves playing on the floor with her in the mornings!
I know it looks like she was pissed.  But really she was just tired and not feeling big brother's cuddle at the moment.
Kelly made Olivia an outfit for football watching!  Onesie and matching headband!  Even the colors of our team!  
Olivia looks pretty cute in her new headband!  She loves Kelly!


The hand holding!  I die.  I love how simple friendship is at this age! 
New headbands we ordered arrived!  So we had to try them out!  I think she likes them!
We found him a pirate hat for his party!


Until next week.

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