Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Olivia At Two Months

Olivia Marie,

You have changed so much in the last month.  It's crazy how big you've gotten.

Even when you still seem so tiny!  At your two month appointment on Monday you weighed in at eleven pounds one ounce.  Putting you in the thirty-eighth percentile for weight.  You were twenty-three and a quarter inches long.  Putting you in the sixty-eighth percentile.  You're a little peanut!  I always think you are so big until I hear how little you are!  But you really are so big compared to how little you were just a couple months ago!

You are all smiles these days.  And oh do you have the sweetest smile.  You are just such a happy little girl Liv.  From the time that you wake up in the mornings to the time that you go to bed at night.  You are just so dang happy.  And because you are so happy you make us so happy.  Not a single one of your sweet smiles go unnoticed.  You just bring so much joy to your family.  We love earning your smile and watching your whole face light up!

You're still sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's bed.  Honestly, I'm sure you'll be there for a while.  It just works for us.  And if I've learned anything from this parenting gig it's to go with what works best for your family.  You just like to be close.  And I like having you close.

You're still only waking up twice a night to eat.  If you can even call it waking up.  You don't cry or even open your eyes.  You just gnaw on your fingers and turn your head from side to side like you are searching.  And you are.  I wake up to the sounds and pick you up and nurse you and as soon as you're done I lay you right back down and you settle back in for a few more hours.

Your days seem to follow a routine that you've set for yourself.  You wake up in the mornings.  Typically somewhere between eight and nine.  We lay in bed for a little bit while you stretch and smile.  You are so happy in the mornings.  You definitely do not get that from your Mama!  Then we head upstairs and do some tummy time and floor time.  Before you wear yourself out playing.  You make it about an hour before you're ready for your first nap.  I can always tell you're ready for a nap because you want to be held and are furious if I even think about setting you down.  The rest of our day consists of not as much routine since it depends on what we're up to. You do typically get in a couple hour nap in the afternoons especially if we are home.  If you get your way I hold you for that nap.  Then you take another nap in the late afternoon/early evening.  By seven thirty to eight you're ready for bed.  Which depending on how on it we are that day means you take a bath and then jammies and you're out.  If we're having a busy day we skip bath and head straight to jammies.

As you get bigger and I notice more and more of your cues, it becomes easier and easier to make sure you're getting what you need!  Especially where sleep is concerned!

A couple of days ago you found your hands.  I love watching you watch them and move them around and become more controlled about it.  Even when it freaks me out to watch you bring them close to your face and go cross-eyed as they get too close.  It's just so exciting to see when something clicks for you and you realize that you have control.

This month we took our first vacation.  With Daddy and Grandpa both out of town we headed to Seattle with Preston (of course!), Grandma, and Auntie Rissa.  Olivia you are such an awesome little traveler just like Preston.  I love it!  Especially since I like to get out and do things and go places!

You started this month with a love affair with the polka dot throw pillows we have on our couch.  I would lay you down to change your diaper and you would turn your head and stare and smile.  Preston would get such a kick out of me calling the pillows your favorite friends.  Now at the end of the month you seem to really enjoy the lights on the ceiling.  You are completely content to just lay and look up at them.  Giving them smiles and sometimes when they lights are really lucky you talk to them!

You are becoming quite the talker.  You coo at us.  And you are so expressive when you do talk.  It's hilarious. It's like you are really trying to get what you are saying across.

Olivia even though you are such a sweet and go with the flow little girl, you've got a lot of kick to your personality.  You can be so feisty.  And have a definite opinion about things.  Be it the way you want to be held.  Or how you want to be put to sleep.  Sometimes you'll give just one last little fight before you finally give in to falling asleep.  As if you are attempting to make sure that I know you are in charge.

This month has been the month of the pacifier.  And truthfully I have a love hate relationship with the thing.  I love that it calms you and that you love it so much.  And at the same time I hate the you love it so much and it calms you.  Is it weird to be jealous of a pacifier?  Things you'll only understand when you're a Mommy yourself.  Not to say that you don't want your Mama, you do.  It's just that you want us both.

Just like Preston you have a love for your blankie.  When you are tired and falling asleep you want it up by your face.  Even over your face sometimes.  The last week or so you've been grabbing onto your blankie.  You hold it while you're awake and while you're asleep.  I love it!

Early Monday morning while I was awake, after feeding you, and cursing the fact that I wasn't sleeping you gave me a little gift.  In the form of a full on giggle in your sleep.  Never have I been more happy to not be sleeping in the middle of the night.  Then today, Wednesday, you laughed for the first time while awake!  Just the sweetest little sound!

You've learned to love the mirror this month.  First the mirror in your swing.  Then just all of the mirrors.  When I hold you in front of them you just stare.  You either get this giant smile on your face.  Or you get very serious and make the funniest expressions at yourself.  You love your little friend in the mirror!

Liv you really are just such a beautiful baby!  I cannot say it enough.  You are just such a perfect little baby girl!  With such a sweet little personality!  We love you so much!

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