Friday, August 16, 2013

Marrissa Has A Birthday!

My littlest sister Marrissa turned fifteen yesterday! FIFTEEN! That means in six months she can get her permit. And in a year she can drive. Hold me, I feel old.

We all went out to dinner to celebrate at Red Robin since that was where Riss chose.

Kelly had surprised us with a new headband earlier in the day and Olivia just so happened to have a dress that matched it perfectly.  So of course she had to wear it with her new headband to dinner!  And then I had to take a few pictures!

I mean seriously, is she not the cutest baby girl you've ever seen!

Preston was even wiling to get in on the picture action!  With Olivia of course.  It seems to be the only way to really get him to agree to a photo these days!

After dinner while Marrissa was taking pictures with friends, Preston gave me a smile so you know I totally pulled out my camera to snap that one!

Me and my littles!

Happy Birthday Marrissa!! Love you!! Next year we'll have to actually take a picture with you on your birthday!

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