Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kinder Meet And Greet

I had an open house for Preston's kindergarten class last night.

Side note, how is that even possible?!

Then today Preston had his meet and greet.  He got to meet his teacher.  See his classroom.  Complete a scavenger hunt to learn the different areas of the classroom.  And make his kindergarten t-shirt.

It was a lot of fun!

Not going to lie, me and my OCD had a little bit of a hard time not taking over his t-shirt project and going all let's do it the way I think we should!  I kept having to shove that OCD down and keep asking Preston what he wanted to do next!

The finished project!

Me and my big almost kindergartner!

Preston and Addi!  They are in the same class!  I'm so excited because they did two years of preschool together and then had VBS together this summer and now kindergarten!

Preston wanted to turn the little circle he'd put at the top into a sun!

Preston and his teacher, Mrs. Warren!

Preston is so excited to start kindergarten!

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