Monday, August 12, 2013

Day At The River

Normally the day after Preston's birthday party is a day of recovery. We make no plans and do absolutely nothing other than eat the leftovers and swim. This year our plan was a little different. With my Grandma and sister, Shannon, in town my parents decided to BBQ up at the river and invited everyone.  So to the river we went.

The boat wouldn't start.  The battery had died.  Plus the thing is just ridiculously temperamental, every time my parents invite everyone up to hang out and ride the boat it freaks out and tries to ruin the plan.  So instead of starting the day with a boat ride we headed down to the beach to swim.

Well Preston swam.  Me and Brad hung out on the beach with Olivia since we'd both assumed the water would be cold and neither of us brought a suit.  The water ended up being nice.  So nice that I debated swimming in my clothes.  I ended up deciding not to because I couldn't get myself to wade in with the rocks killing my feet.  Why am I the only one who didn't buy hiking sandals this year?!

Preston had a blast in the water though.  My parents had brought up an inner tube so he fought for control of it.  He had it for a while.  But lost it.  Only to regain it again.  And then lose it to my Dad.  But losing it to Grandpa had it's perks.  Grandpa and Grandma took Preston and Mason for a swim across the river.  All the way to the other side.  It was quite the swim.  Preston was dragged part of the way by my Dad on the tube.  It was even more of a swim on the way back when they had to swim against the current!  But they did it!  Preston even swam the last little bit on his own!

These two got quite the work out!  Yet neither of them seemed all that tired afterwards!

My little swimmer.  And troublemaker!

After the beach we all headed back up and my Dad headed down to the boat to see if the boat battery would start since he'd left it sitting on one of the neighbors borrowed battery chargers.  It did!  Cue the excitement.

Preston was desperate to go out on the boat and ride the tube and I hadn't been out on the boat yet so I was going to go with him.

There was only one problem.  Me.  Olivia hadn't eaten but was so tired that all she wanted to do was take a nap so I got her to sleep, handed her to Brad, and headed down to the boat with Preston.  We climbed on the boat all excited and then I started asking my Dad if everything was good to go with the battery and he told me he hoped so but there were no guarantees.  I pointed out that as the only person who could feed Olivia I couldn't be stranded.  As was I had my cell phone with me so that if Brad needed me to come back he could call and we would cut our already short trip even shorter.  My Dad let me know telling me he didn't think we would have any problems was the best he could do.  I was already having a hard time with leaving Liv to go out on the boat, it was going to be the first time that I had left her with anyone to go anywhere.  She's just a baby!  Then add in hearing that I might not be able to get back because I could be stranded, I had a near panic attack and couldn't get off the boat fast enough.

Preston was not happy!  I promised him the whole way back up that he would in fact get to go out on the boat and ride the tube.  He would just be doing it with Daddy instead of Mommy.

It turned out to be a good thing for Preston that he rode with Daddy because it meant not only did he get a longer ride but when Brad drove the boat he got to see Daddy flip Grandpa, Auntie Shannon, and Auntie Rissa off the tube.  I'm told it was awesome.

Almost as awesome as Preston riding the tube (safely with Grandpa driving and not doing anything crazy!) with Grandma, Mason, and Auntie Shannon.  The pictures definitely make it clear that he had a great time!  Also that Preston is totally my kid when it comes to water sports!  He loves them!

I seriously cannot wait until next summer when we can all go out on the boat!  It is going to be so much fun!

It ended up being a good thing that I skipped taking a turn out on the boat since Liv totally woke up not long after they left on the first ride that I bailed on and wanted to eat!  Let's just call that Mommy Intuition.

While Preston and Brad were out tubing we were hanging out.

Liv and my Grandma were doing some chatting.  Olivia seriously just loved my Grandma.  She was cooing and smiling.  And kicking her feet in excitement.  She also kept pushing her feet into the couch and stretching them out and getting closer to my Grandma.  The jury is out on whether or not she was doing it on purpose.  I'm pretty sure she's super advanced and totally knew what she was doing!

We also spent some time outside enjoying the sun.

Where Olivia hung out with Steven.

Before I put her in her little tent to keep her safe from the bees.  They were everywhere and I was starting to get nervous about one of them stinging her!

Liv just didn't like the tent as much as she liked being able to see all of the colors outside.

When everyone got back we opted to skip BBQing dinner since the bees were so bad and just hit up a hamburger joint on the way home.  Which meant we had to pack up.

Preston and Shannon didn't pack up so much as they just hung out.

Before Preston moved on to having my Grandma tell him a story.  It's rough being six!

Olivia and Brad weren't much help either.  Brad hurt his back at work a little over a month ago so he is on strict orders not to do a whole lot of lifting so I packed everything up while Brad and Olivia hung out on the hammock.

We stopped for a late dinner and milkshakes!

Olivia had fallen asleep on the way home but woke up while we were eating and was quietly just hanging out in her car seat.  Until Grandpa came over to chat with her.  She loves Grandpa so even though she was exhausted she managed a couple of little smiles for him.

By the time we got home we were all exhausted!  I think that's the sign of n awesome weekend!

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