Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Day Out With Friends

With summer ending and school starting soon we are trying to get all of the fun in that we can!

Preston has a season pass this year to the rides downtown and we haven't used it as much as I thought we would, so we are making a last ditch effort to get the value out of it! We headed downtown with friends to ride the rides and play!

Starting with the bumper boats.

Liv decided to take her nap when we first got down there while Preston rode the rides!

Moved on to being pilots.

Then inside to cool down. mini golf.

Preston got a hole in one!!  I was so proud!  He was so excited!  I made him pose by the hole and he gave me a real smile.

Into the berry go round.

Hanging with Olivia.  In a couple of years she's going to love some of these rides.  But this year she just got to watch.  And look cute.

Getting ready for the tilt-a-whirl!

They loved the tilt-a-whirl.  I felt nauseous just watching them spin.

Preston's favorite of course is the roller coaster!  He gets that from his Mama!  We both love the adrenaline rush of the roller coaster!

Kelly's took a turn riding with the boys!

Oh roller coaster fun!

Little miss took a nap.  She snuggles up with her blankie so much these days.  I love it.

Back to the spinning!

And the roller coaster again!

Preston really wanted to ride the sizzler but he wasn't tall enough to ride without an adult.  Which is how I ended up with all three boys!  I loved getting to ride with my big boy!

Then Preston wanted me to ride the roller coaster.  How could I say no to these boys!

A final ride on the airplanes before the rides closed for the day.

Waiting in line for the carousel!

Me and my littles!

All that riding made everyone hungry!  So we headed to a local diner for milkshakes and dinner.  We had never been before and it was all soooooo good.  Like eat every single thing off your plate good.

Olivia loved the diner.  I don't know what it was about the place but she was such a happy girl.  Chatting.  Cooing.  Smiling.  AND laughing!  Her first awake laughs!  All the way up until my food arrived.  Then my girl wanted to take a seat on my lap.  Of course.

The kids weren't ready to go home after dinner so we all headed to the park to play some more.  Liv didn't do a whole lot of playing as it was her bedtime and she was tired.  But Preston, Zack, and Ryan played until we forced them all to leave after it got dark!

It was a good day with friends.  I am soooo going to miss summer.

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