Friday, July 12, 2013

Vacation Bible School

Preston did his first Vacation Bible School. The church that he went to preschool put it on! The theme this year was Kingdom Rush. So it was all castles and knights. Preston LOVED it!

He was a little bit nervous the first morning.

Walking in they had transformed the inside of the church into a castle and that helped Preston get past his nerves soooooo much! All of a sudden instead of being nervous he was all look at this look at that. It was pretty awesome.

You know what else was awesome? The fact that we were on time. Check us out! Bam!

Olivia and I stayed at watched the singing and opening program (and Preston to see how he was adjusting) before the groups all split off. Well I watched.  She fell asleep.  Preston was being a little bit shy so I walked over to him before I left and told him good-bye again and asked him if he wanted to stay. He gave me a quick good-bye and yes and got back to what he was doing. Alrighty then.

I picked him up three hours later.

He had an absolute blast!!

Totally made the fact that I had to set an alarm and rush around to get us there worth it.

VBS was only Monday thru Thursday but Preston had a blast each day!  He absolutely loved going!

The kids all got a t-shirt on the first day and had the option of wearing it every day.  Preston of course had to wear it every day.  Definitely made him not stand out in a crowd!

A little girl from his pre-k class was in his group so he had even more fun knowing someone.

On the final day the church invited everyone back so the kids could perform and the church BBQ'd after and had water fun set up!

Preston's group.

Preston also got a black eye on the last day.  He tells me him and another boy in his group ran into each other while racing around.  No tears were shed and they got over it and continued racing around.  My little tough guy.

The performance was so cute.  Preston was so serious.  They had someone standing back behind the parents to help remind the kids of the hand motions and I swear Preston almost never took his eyes off of them to make sure he didn't miss a single motion to the song.

Liv slept through most of it.

The highlight of the performance for the kids was that the pastor was going to get slimed if they raised enough money during their fundraiser.  Preston had given money that morning in an effort to help...with the fundraiser.  The sliming was just a side bonus.  The kids did raise enough and got such a kick out of watching the pastor get slimed!

After we headed through the food line with friends and found a place to sit and eat.  Preston had hot dog buns hold the hot dog.  I swear this picky eater might kill me.

Then the fun began.  It wasn't crazy hot but that didn't stop the kids from racing all over the place and playing in the water.  They played in kiddie pools and sand tables and went down the water slides.

We somehow ended up staying way later than we'd planned!  Preston was just having such a great time racing around.  Olivia was enjoying the fresh air.  And we were all enjoying the company!

These three troublemakers!

Me and my littles.

Preston can't wait to do VBS again next year!

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