Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thoughts On Thursday

I heart random compliments.

The Grandma of one of the little girls that was in Preston's pre-k class told me during VBS drop off that I was the sexiest pregnant woman she had ever seen!  How sweet is that!

And then the cashier at Target asked me how old Liv was and when I told her she told me that I had an amazing post baby body!

Oh people, you make my day!


Speaking of post baby body.  What the heck you guys.  I had Preston so long ago that I don't remember the first couple of weeks after.  Or more accurately since it was just me and teeny tiny Preston I didn't really feel the need to put on some shorts or have the desire to thrown on my bathing suit and swim.  But I want to do those things.  And I hate all the extra skin that is happening up in here.  No bueno.  Mama needs to start toning!


I love when Preston gets hooked on a tv show that teaches him something!  He currently is loving Wild Kratts!  And I'm loving that it's all about animals!  It's a nice change up from super heroes.


Olivia has a lot of clothes.  A lot.  I'm thinking that this go around instead of saving every single thing, I'm only going to save my favorites.  It seems silly to save it all since I know that if we have another girl down the road I'm still going to want to be able to buy things and if that's the case we will really have an overabundance of clothing in every single size.  Eventually I want to go through all of the boy clothes totes of Preston's old things and do the same thing since I saved every last article of clothing he wore.

This having kids thing, it's a learning experience in so many ways with each one!


I have a love hate relationship with the pillows on my couch.  I love the way they look when they are all set up.  I hate the way they look when people start to you know actually use the couch!  I'm constantly fixing them!


I'm struggling to enjoy the weather this summer.  Normally I am all about the crazy heat.  This year we're hiding out inside a lot with the air condition.  It's just too hot for Olivia.  I'm actually looking forward to the cooler weather.  It's like I don't even know who I am.


I ordered a point and shoot camera on Amazon.  I dropped my big camera and it freaked me out.  I just hate not having an actual camera on me if I want to take a photo.  I asked Brad what he thought and he told me if I thought I needed another camera to order another camera.  When I asked him if he was sure he also told me that I was only asking him to get him to convince me to get one since I couldn't convince myself to just do it.

Oh that man.  Knows me so well.

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