Monday, July 22, 2013

Preston's Six Year Well Child Check

Preston turning six means that we headed in to see his pediatrician for his yearly check up.

Preston was very insistent that he would not be getting shots. Luckily for him he didn't need them! He was very excited when the doctor told him that he wouldn't need any shots until he turned eleven. Cue Preston's excitement. Until I mentioned the exception of the flu shot every year. Sorry kid. You were so close.

Now to the exciting part.

Preston weighed in at fifty one pounds! Putting him in the seventy seventh percentile. He was forty-eight and a quarter inches tall! Placing him in the ninety second percentile! Sheesh! My tall boy!! He is just getting so dang big!

He had another eye test as well. He's got perfect eyes with twenty twenty vision! Thank goodness!

I of course asked about his picky eating again. But given that he's growing and not lacking in energy our pediatrician isn't concerned. Plus he's slowly but surely trying new things. It's just a process.

Preston is healthy as can be and we have no concerns!

I love appointments like this!

We go back in a year. Fingers crossed. Something tells me we'll be back in before that for little things here and there. But hurray for awesome yearly check ups!!

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