Monday, July 15, 2013

Olivia At One Month

Olivia Marie,

You are already one month old.  I'm not sure how that is possible.  This month seems to have flown by.  And yet already I can't imagine how our life seemed complete without you.

It's been a big month.

You started out so tiny and already you seem so much bigger.  This month you've already grown out of the newborn section of your closet and into the three month section.  Mommy was very excited about this since the there is a lot more in the three month size.

You have outgrown the newborn size diapers and now don't even seem super tiny in your size one diaper.

It's not surprising that you've gone up in sizes clothing and diaper wise though.  Not with your weight gain.  At your doctor appointment when you were a week old you weighed six pounds fourteen ounces, putting you in the nineteenth percentile.  Today at your doctor appointment, at five and a half almost six weeks old, you weighed nine pounds fifteen ounces.  Moving you into the fifty-third percentile!  The doctor called your weight gain "phenomenal".  Mommy was so proud!  You are just such a good little eater!

But you aren't just gaining weight, you are also getting longer!  At a week old you were twenty and a quarter inches long, putting you in the sixty sixth percentile.  Today you were twenty two inches long!  That puts you in the sixty eighth percentile.  You're holding steady.  My tall girl!  You can really tell how long you are getting when you wear your little feetsy jammies.  In the mornings you start to stretch and somehow even though your jammies are long enough they still don't let you stretch the way you want too.  So every morning you start kicking and thrashing and I unbutton your jammies and pull your legs out and you do a couple of really big kicks and stretches and fall back asleep.

Speaking of sleeping.  You are my sleeper.  For sure.  The other night you went to bed at 9pm and only woke up twice from then until 8am the next morning!  I was shocked!  At five weeks old you are already sleeping better than Preston did at almost two years old!  You're just such a good little sleeper.

I've also realized that like me and Preston you sleep better in the cold.  If I turn the air in the house up at night we all sleep better.  Poor Daddy, he's really outnumbered now.

Livi, you are a little grunter.  It's kind of hilarious.  When I lay you down in bed at night as you stretch out and get comfy you grunt.  At first I thought that it was you waking back up but I've learned that it's just your process of getting settled in bed for the night.  You do it again in the mornings when you wake up.

You're also working on putting yourself on some sort of a schedule.  At night around six or seven you start to fuss.  All of this depends on how late your last nap goes.  Between seven thirty to eight thirty you need a bath and you're ready to go to sleep.  We still haven't quite mastered getting out of the bath to getting you in your jammies and starting the bedtime routine.  Somehow no matter how it goes you are furious by the time we are putting your jammies on.  If I'm fast enough I can get you to sleep before you get so worked up that you are fighting sleep which is the one thing you really want.  But we'll get there.

Really though we've made a lot of progress in bedtime from when we first brought you home to now!

Which could have something to do with the fact that we finally gave in and realized that you are a little snuggle baby just like your brother and that also just like him you hate the cradle.  So now you sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed.  I tried to fight it.  But Liv you just sleep so much better when you know I'm close by.

Clearly you are my baby girl you are a little thumb sucker.  Not all the time but when you can find it.  It is so adorable.  This led me to buy three different kinds of pacifiers to try out.  We tried one.  You're not impressed.  You just prefer to nurse.  And if you can't nurse you want your thumb.  You'll take the pacifier but again just like Preston you'll only take it if I hold it in your mouth because you are constantly trying to spit it out.  It's way cuter when you suck your thumb anyways!

You've started smiling.  It's not all the time.  But when it happens it is perfection.  You have such a sweet little smile Olivia.  It melts our hearts.  Your first real smile was at Mommy.  At Grandma and Grandpa's house.  I was talking to you and you were staring at me and you just smiled really big.  It was so adorable.

Since then you've smiled more and more.  Mostly in the mornings.  Just like your brother when he was a baby you wake up for the day in such a good mood.  In the mornings I'll say hi to you and ask you if you slept good and you smile real big as if to tell me yes you did!

You'll never guess which room is your favorite in the house Miss Olivia.  The bathroom.  I don't know if it's the bouncy seat in there or if it's the actual bathroom.  But either way I will take it.  I bring you in there and you settle.  I can actually take showers.  In fact the shower is really calming to you.  You love the sound.  More times than I'm willing to admit I take a shower and you'll fall asleep so when I get out I just leave the water running so that you can finish your nap.  Daddy and Preston think it's funny.

You also love to take baths.  I think it's because again the water is running and you really just love the sound of the water running.  I didn't even bother trying to give you baths in the little baby bath.  You take a bath with me.  It works for both of us.  I did the same thing with your brother and it was a relaxing way for both of us to end the day.  A couple of times I've tried to give you one by yourself and you do not like it at all.  You flail around and seem unsettled by the fact that you are in the water and not being held.

You're strong.  It amazes me how strong you are.  When you lay on my chest you lift your head all the way up to look at me and look around.  Not just for a second but for several and it's a controlled lift not just flopping around.  When Daddy holds you he says you try to climb up him by pushing with your legs!

You are such a beautiful baby.  You really are.  I'm not just saying that because I'm your Mommy.  Every time Mommy posts a photo of you anywhere everyone says so.  You just have such an adorable little face.  And your lips.  Oh my goodness girl, you have perfect lips  It's enough to make Mommy jealous.  And you know it. When you get upset you pout.  It's the cutest little pout I've ever seen.

I can't get over how much you look like Preston as a baby Liv.  It's just crazy.  You two have such similar features.  I can't wait to see how that changes or stays the same as you grow!

Olivia I could just go on and on.  You are just such a sweet baby and really have completed our family in a way we didn't even know it wasn't complete.

Happy one month sweet girl.



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