Saturday, July 6, 2013

Grandparents Pitts Hospital Visit

Brad's Grandma was so dang excited when we told her we were pregnant.  She just couldn't wait to meet Olivia.  When Brad called to tell her that Olivia had arrived we learned that she'd been in the hospital with a really bad bone infection.  A few weeks after Olivia's arrival we were trying to figure out when to make the trip to his Grandparents house so that they could meet Olivia since his Grandma was home.  Only life kept getting in the way.  His Grandma was home from the hospital but she was commuting back and forth for treatments every day.  And Brad was working crazy hours.  So planning a trip to visit wasn't an easy task.  Then we got a call that his Grandma had fallen and fractured her c4 in her spine and that she'd been airlifted to a hospital only twenty minutes from us.

Once we were told that she was in fact going to be fine we were excited that we could now visit her much easier and that she would get to meet Olivia!

I made them all pose for a photo.  I'm thinking we're going to have to retake this one.  Not in a hospital room in a couple of months!

While Grandma rested Preston showed Grandpa how to play some games on the iPad!

Brad's Grandpa was so attentive to his Grandma.  He held her hand almost the entire time we were there.  Only letting go of it to play iwht Preston and hug all of us when we arrived and left.  It seriously warmed my heart.  They have been married more than fifty years and been through sooooooo much in those years.  The love that he felt for her was just so present.  Made me want to cry.

Brad is so very lucky to have his Grandparents still around.  And we hope that they will remain around to tell stories to Preston and Olivia about Brad growing up for years to come!

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