Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth Of July

Brad had to work on the Fourth Of July (BOO!) so me, Preston, and Olivia headed up to spend the night at the river with my parents.

We left a little later than I planned.  Packing two kids and loading the car all by myself took a little longer than I thought it would.  Story of my life.

It was hot so not long after we got there Preston was in the pool with my little sister, her friend, and my brother's girlfriend.

I hung back in the shade with Olivia.  She turned a whole month old today!  Big girl!

My parents were taking everyone out on the boats in shifts.  Preston was dying to have a turn out on the boat.  Lucky for him Grandpa and Grandma were willing to take him since I couldn't go since Liv is too little for boat rides this year.

I hung back and snuggled with this girl while her big brother went for a boat ride.

A boat ride that was apparently not as much fun as it could have been.  I had told my sister and my parents not to let Preston ride the tube since neither Brad or I were on the boat.  I guess Preston was NOT thrilled about this.  Especially since my little sister and her friend and then my Dad all took a turn.  And spent much of the ride trying to convince everyone to let him ride.  Or insisting that he could in fact ride.  Or just whining about the fact that he couldn't.  Ooops.

We BBQ'd dinner when everyone was back.

Olivia hung out on the blanket and stretched and hung out with everyone.

While Preston and Mason played catch!

Kaylee also held Olivia for the first time!

These two.  Standing all cute one minute.

Wrestling in the grass the next!

I think they might like being cousins!  Just a little bit.

We all got dressed and hopped in the car to head to see the fireworks not too far away.

Preston hopped in the back of my Dad's truck once we parked and grabbed a spot on Grandpa's lap for the firework show.

Where he stayed for about half of the show.  Until things got a little stinky in the back of the truck and Preston declared, "I've had enough of that fart.  I'm going in the truck!"  And I died laughing as he climbed into the truck with me, Olivia, and my Mom where finished watching the firework show.

Like a good baby Olivia slept through the whole thing.

Me and my babies after fireworks!

Fireworks and the drive back to the river made for a late night.  For everyone except little Liv who got to sleep on the drive there and back and during the fireworks.

While Preston and Olivia slept great that night.  I did not!  We slept on a tiny bed, which I didn't think would be a problem because Preston kept telling me that he wanted to sleep on the bunk beds.  Last minute he changed his mind and we all ended up in the bed together.  It was not the best sleeping arrangement.  For me at least.

The next morning I made Olivia let me take her picture.  I wanted to take them the night before of her in her Fourth of July jammies but in all that chaos of getting to fireworks and then her falling asleep I didn't.  She wasn't all that impressed, but she was cute!

Preston on the other hand wasn't feeling the photo thing.  He had games to play on the iPad while he waited for breakfast.

A breakfast that Marrissa was making.  They both wanted pancakes for Riss got to it.  It was her first time making pancakes so I went ahead and skipped out on the pancake breakfast!  Ha!

Preston was eager to go swimming and lucky for him, Auntie Rissa and Kasey were heading to the pool and said they'd take him too!

So while he swam.  In what I'd consider way too cold water, Liv and I hung out in the hammock snuggling while I shoved raisinettes in my mouth.

They didn't all last that long.  Like I said it was cold, brrrrr!  Poor Preston wanted to join in on our snuggle but he probably would have been better off in the sun instead of the shade!

After lazying around the campsite for a while we headed out for a walk with my parents.  We made our way down to the beach where Preston contemplated a swim.

And then insisted on hiking up this hill instead of following us up the pathway.  It took a couple of tries and he slid down his fair share of times.  But he made it!  With a little help from Grandpa at the top!

We opted for following the road across the street for a little bit.  It's just so beautiful.  And all up hill.  But let's focus on how beautiful it is!

Preston and my Dad walked a little longer than me, my Mom, and Olivia.  Poor Liv was not loving the Ergo with how hot out it was and how bundled she was with the infant insert.  Can't say I blame her.  So we headed back a little sooner.  So we missed out on the excitement of crossing the train bridge and bringing back a stake.  Preston loved it though!

They weren't back for long before deciding to take the boat back out.  Preston jumped all over that one.  Instead of tubing this time they decided to just go for a boat ride and stop to swim.

Once again Olivia and I missed out.  Next summer we are so going to be on that boat.  We're going to just live on it to make up for all the rides we missed this year!

Instead we hung out in the trailer.  And took pictures.  And Olivia refused to nap.  Even though she was oh so tired.  That was a fun time.

Grandma got back from boating and took her and of course she passes out.  Apparently the little miss just wanted to face out while she fell asleep.  Noted Olivia.

They all made it back from boating just in time.  Minutes after they walked in it started pouring rain!

We all packed up during the rain and got ready to head back home.  Daddy was going to be there!

But not before stopping for dinner along the way!  We gots to eat!

And play on the iPad obviously.

We had a great time at the river celebrating the Fourth of July!

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