Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We Get To Go Home!

Crazy right?

Twenty four hours later the hospital is all "Oh you want to go home with this brand new baby?  Sure!  Go right ahead.  Just sign a couple of forms first and away you go."

They just let us walk on out with this perfect little girl like it was no big thing!

But first Brad and Preston had to come pick us up.  Preston had pre-k (and his last performance!) so Brad headed down to his preschool to watch and bring him back to the hospital to bring me and Olivia home.

Preston obviously was having a good time at the hospital while I was packing everything up.

Poor little Olivia was not thrilled about how long it took Brad and Preston to go get the car while she waited in her car seat.  She started to get a little pissed about waiting.  And her poor little face got all red.  Sad!

Doesn't she look so cute!  And tiny in her car seat?

Her hands had to be right up by her face!

We made a pit stop at Carter's on the way home.  Little Liv came out much smaller than I thought she would.  Big brother really was bigger!  So she was going to need some outfits.  Brad, Preston, and Olivia all waited in the car while I ran in and grabbed some little newborn sized onesies and pants and rompers.

Then just like that we were home.

Olivia in her coming home from the hospital outfit!  Doesn't she look adorable?

The blanket she came home with was mine! My Grandma made it for me when my Mom was still pregnant with me! How awesome is that!

Now we start adjusting to this whole family of four with a newborn thing! Wish us luck!

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