Thursday, June 27, 2013

Olivia's Newborn Photos

I picked a newborn photographer when I was pregnant with Olivia so when she arrived all I had to do was call and set up our appointment.  I have to say I loved our photographer.  She was fantastic!  And did such a wonderful job!

Liv wasn't a huge fan of her session.  She did not like that every time she finally got comfortable and fell asleep it was time to rearrange for the next photo.  Poor girl just wanted to sleep.  She really made Kim, our photographer, work for it!

But the photos.  Oh the photos.  They turned out absolutely amazing.

Aren't they fabulous!

Olivia looks gorgeous in every single one of them!

I love that she is staring right at the camera in one of them!  Brad's favorites are the ones of her laying in the metal bucket with the pink and lace blankets and the flower arrangement on top of her head.  My favorites are the ones of her laying on the white blanket with the flower headband!  We both love them all!

The ones of her and Preston, I die at how adorable the two of them are!  My babies!

They were definitely worth it!