Friday, June 14, 2013

Olivia's Newborn Photos At The Hospital

Even though we'd already booked a newborn photographer, when the photographer at the hospital came to our room and offered to take some photos of Olivia we couldn't turn her down.

Actually, I considered it for a minute since I didn't want her to take photos if I couldn't have them. Which I pointed out to Brad. His response was that we would just have to buy them then.


So that's just what we did.

Here's Olivia's brand new newborn photos taken by the photographer at the hospital.

We were both impressed with how much we liked them!  Not that we should have been surprised.  Of course we would like them, they are pictures of our daughter!  So of course we had to buy the cd with all of the photos.

I love that my husband understands my love of photos and loves them too!

You can never have too many photos!  Especially of your babies!

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