Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Olivia's First Week Home

We survived!

And took a lot of pictures!

Mostly of Olivia.  But Preston was willing to let me take some of him too.  Dang his hatred of taking pictures right now.  Seriously kid.  I have to have a reason to ask him to smile these days.  Like oh Preston take a picture with your bean plant plllllllease.  Olivia is just like I'm here Mommy go right ahead and take my picture.  I've probably got a couple more years before she's over it...I hope!

Brad was home for the first five days and then he had to head back to work. Boo. Disadvantage of running the job. I'm trying to focus on the advantages.

Liv really is a good baby! She likes to sleep. And eat. And poop. And she's totally adorable.

We haven't ventured out into the world just yet. Or at least Liv hasn't. She waits in the car with either Brad or my Mom while I've run into a couple of stores with my Mom. Germs people germs.

We were planning on staying at my Mom's house for the first week that Brad was back to work so that I had some help with this whole two kid thing. But one night in we headed back home. My brother found mold in the ceiling of his closet and no way no how was I keeping my brand new baby there after that.

All in all, we're surviving!

We can totally do this.

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