Sunday, May 19, 2013

The River

After Preston's morning game and the final game of his soccer tournament, we headed up to the river.  My parents had brought their trailer up yesterday and we had been itching to get up there!  The unofficial start of summer!

I worried that Preston might be a little tired since we'd gotten up so early for soccer and then he'd played his third game of the weekend.  But he rallied!

Spent some time chasing Bennie around.  I don't know who was more excited to have all the space to run around, Preston or Bennie.

Bennie really wasn't supposed to be off his leash but my Mom had walked away and left him with Preston and he broke free to race after her.  Never fear Preston put him back on his leash when we got back and then went for another run.

More accurately Preston put him on the least and stuck the leash on my Dad's trailer hitch and raced around Bennie.  I can't figure out why Bennie only really likes him half the time!  Ha!

All Preston really cared about was going hiking.  Specifically in the tunnel.

It was made even more exciting when my parents showed him the new headlamps they had bought and told him that one of them was for him.  Just so that hiking in the tunnel would be easier.  You should have seen his face.  My Dad came out wearing his first and Preston thought it was so cool.  And then my Dad told him that they had one for him too.  His jaw literally dropped and he said, "whooooooooa!"

Auntie Rissa even got in on the headlamp action.

The three with their headlamps.  It's like a little club.

On the way to the tunnel, Preston detoured down to the river and the dock.  The water is still so high that you couldn't even walk out on the dock.

The tracks leading to the tunnel.  These two both had to balance on the sides.   And I didn't notice it until I was looking at the pictures but they are even using their arms to balance the same way.

About to enter the tunnel.  Preston and Riss were going to lead the way!

It was dark.  I forgot how dark.  Even with the lights it was dark.  It also didn't help that Preston and Riss were walking up ahead.

Luckily my iphone flashlight app helped me and my Mom!

Preston and Riss decided at the end of the tunnel to walk along the wall.  Because they are crazy.  I was trying not to touch anything in there and there they are walking pressed up to the wall.

My Dad told Preston he should climb up in the drainage pipe and see if he could find anything.  Luckily he decided he was good to check it out from the outside.  Although for a minute I thought I was going to have to pull him out by his feet!

Me and my boy!

Since this girl is pregnant and very pregnant at that, it was decided that rather than doing any actual hiking we would just walk along the track.

Or venture off of it when something catches the eye.

My parents!

Preston had to go down there to take a look at the little creek that was flowing under the tracks.

Can you tell he had to pee?  I'd asked him a couple of times and he kept denying it, but this made it so obvious.

On the way back to the campsite, we found a couple of different ant nests in the tracks.  Preston would have sat and watched them for hours if we'd let him.  My Dad would lift pieces of some of the boards so that he could really see them.  He was so into it.

The way back it was hot!  Way hotter than when we left.  I felt bad for Preston.  I'd put him in a thermal top.  And sweats.  And a sweatshirt.  At least he was able to take the sweatshirt off and push the sleeves of his thermal up.  Him and Grandpa also found some walking sticks.

All that walking meant Preston needed a break!  So he stole Grandma's chair!  Well I stole Grandma's chair and then Preston stole it from me.

We got a little bit of rain but that didn't stop Preston from convincing my Dad to go play tether ball.  I'm told the Preston won every game except one.  He felt bad that Grandpa kept losing!

We left a little before dinner so we stopped at a little cafe on the way home.  Where Preston thought it was awesome that we got to sit with Grandpa and Grandma for dinner since the booths were separate but together.  I thought it was pretty awesome too!  Ha!

It is also where it looked like my water broke when Marrissa spilled her mt dew all over the place and completely soaked my pants.  It was bad.  I ended up changing into a pair of Marrissa's sweats in the bathroom.

Preston also asked my Dad at dinner, "Grandpa what did you live in when you were a kid?  A cave?"  Apparently he thinks my Dad is as old as the cavemen.  I died.  It was hysterical.  Even more so because he was completely serious.  And it led to the most ridiculous conversations between him and my Dad about how my Dad was around when the dinosaurs were and before there was electricity and cars.  Poor Preston! Asks an innocent question and gets all that for an answer.

We are so excited to head back up to the river again!  I know we'll be spending a lot of time up there this summer.  And next time with Brad who couldn't make it because he had to work this weekend.  Boo! It's just not the same up there without him.

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